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Daily Archives: June 5, 2014

You Will Never Break My Spirit – Promote Yourself



You first visited me at age six

While I was playing in the hot, Southern sun.

Dragging into the house as my vision turned dark,

I begged my mom for a drink of water; but

You refused to let it stay inside.

You did not break my spirit.

Over the years while playing sports and living an active life,

You visited from time to time.

A constant reminder that something was not right,

But I fought back and worked even harder.

You were up against a very determined young woman.

You did not break my spirit.

You came back with a vengeance as I aged,

Slowly shutting down my body systems one by one.

It only made me more strong-willed to fight you;

Have a strong marriage, raise a great daughter, earn

College degrees, and have a successful career.

I refuse to lose faith in my God.

I refuse to go down without a fight.

I refuse to let you win.

I refuse to be ruled by you.

You will never break my spirit.

Written by Anna Bella


When Strength Fails – Promote Yourself


The world with all it’s might
         Is still sketchy and volatile

         The mind with all it’s power
          Is still my cage and I it’s prisoner
          If strength is what we need
          We have got it indeed

          Yet, as the days pass
           I become lonelier
           And the world gets messier

Khadija Begum

As for Me – Promote Yourself



I know the one who may ascend Your hill

Walks the integral roads of righteous stones;

His heart holds truth, his tongue will speak Your will,

But this is not the life that I have known.

Your blessings smother those whose blessings flow

Into the masses of the helpless poor,

But that’s not me; my sin has brought me low.

Please heal my soul as I still whine for more.

Your goodness flows to those who do what’s good,

And lack the stains of evil on their hearts.

But I envied pride-filled souls as if they could,

Escaping scratches, rip us all apart.

Some claim to be these ones who seek Your face,

But as for me, I only stand on grace.

Eric Schrag

I am from the United States. I have a bachelor degree in Bible Exposition and Exegesis. I am applying the graduate English programs. I like making random videos about the end of the world.

my blog site is:

Remembering D-Day


d day


It’s a day we all should not forget,

For all of those hero’s who passed away

It’s a time to reflect on that victory

And to those who survived to this day.


We owe them all our gratitude,

For the bravery displayed by all,

They were there to do their duty

And together they all stood tall.


Those who survived the battle,

Are still missed by the surviving few,

For their memories still linger on,

Of the carnage that came into view.


Even after all this time until this day,

Their emotions are still running high,

Remembering all of their comrades,

Who now in the war graves lye?


If it wasn’t for all the service personnel

Who through bravery kept the enemy at bay?

We should never forget their sacrifices.

That were shown on the 6th June 1944 D-Day


Malcolm G Bradshaw

The Impossible Dream

I went to a place where penguins were sliding
Down a chocolate mountain
Where monkeys bathed in a marshmallow fountain,
Where sea lions swam in an ice cream sea
At the side of a bench, lions were writing poetry,
As I walked along the sands I found
A giraffe singing, it was the most beautiful sound
A butterfly kissed my nose,
A llama handed me a red rose
It was almost like they had been expecting me
Like they had invited me for tea
When I looked up into the sky
I could not believe my eyes,
Angels flew beneath the clouds
I heard one shout out loud
Although this is only a dream,
Capture every moment and believe
You can create what you want to achieve
That life is for living the impossible dream

By Gillian Sims

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