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Daily Archives: June 6, 2014

The Phone Call… – Promote Yourself

It’s now eight hours 
Since I sent her flowers 
To say I am sorry 
And she needs not to worry 
Now the day drifts away 
Leaving me cursing and gray
Another day, another apology 
I know at times I get edgy 
And the promises seem empty 
The price I pay, so hefty 
Trust me when I say 
That I am yours come what may
Grant me my love 
This only favour my dove 
Set me free 
From this lonely spree 
Pull me up to stand tall 
With that magical phone call
Save me sweet heart 
This misery that keeps me hurt 
Guide me through 
The morning dew 
Make our virtual paradise 
A constant sunrise!
A sunrise that never will never set 
Not even when we get upset 
When we hurl objects 
At each others project 
And shout out obscenities 
To the neighbours perplexities!
Make that phone call 
For am unable to press ‘Call’ 
And let that sweet voice 
That I claimed make much noise 
Shatter my weakened defenses 
Bring back my dodgy senses
Ooko Victor

There Are Saints Walking Among Us – Promote Yourself

saint cccccccccccc

There are saints walking among us
The neighbour who met a woman in Africa during a missions trip
With worms infesting in one eye socket
	Petitions the hospital through her doctor husband
	So that the woman can get cured
	And then lets the woman stay at her home for a total of 
        four months,
	Discussing the same God.

There is a saintly online person
	She claims her given gift is poem-writing
	Someone barely older than the people
	Who send her messages, asking her to please
Write poems for them.
	About a daughter harassed by her family’s unbelief in her.
	About a boy who doesn’t have relationships outside of his 
        girlfriend’s, and is therefore afraid to let her go.
	About a teen, barely 15, who mourns a lost love.
She treats them all with respect, no condescension in sight, 
and writes poem after poem
	Never questions their need,
	Never tells them that she is unequipped for their problems.
She just listens, and praises the same Allah
	With the same breath.

There are people who admit their faults, tear down the veil
	Like the first of the grasses bent by an oncoming wind:
	Pastors changing their views on homosexuality
	After seeing a love more powerful and moving than they 
        thought possible. Stories of redemption, of acceptance.

Of people receiving enough funds through people they have never 
        met face-to-face, to go and save one child at a time.

I want to ask, who is your God, who is the deity you believe in?
	Surely it cannot be the same God that I praise
	I with my many faults, I with the same restrictions, 
	My sins a cage for my gifts, otherwise bountiful. 
The enclosure reeks of undone acts of kindness, of withered
happen-stances, opportunities past ripeness and rotting un-gifted.

Please show me your God.
Please show me how you see your God.
I see too many people who worship
	Money, fingering pay-check after pay-check and 
dissolving in tears when they are cut off;
	Status, dreading demotion and clambering for 
promotion after promotion, eyeing higher-ups only;
	Stability, panicking when wrenched from sight.
I see their fear that their deity is not big enough
	That it won’t stay with them
	It cannot love and cannot harbour a personal affection for them.

I watch people who do not see
        that their deities have caged them.
        Not with bars, but with whispers as ropes:
        You must be protected. Do not go out there without me, 
        Or you will fall.
Because you do not exist to other people without me.

Who is your God?
Is it the same God I believe in?
	If so, I hope that one day I may break free of this cage
	Singing your praises is not enough
I want to carefully carry one raw, chafing child in my muzzle
	and bring it to your altar, too.
I want to exist in belief
        so vividly 
        with you.
Chris Tallagher

Sounds of Life – Promote Yourself

The Chirping bird 
On the feeble twig 
Take a moment 
And listen around 
The cries and shrieks 
The hums and gurgles
The bubbling waters 
And fading noises 
Just reaching the ears
How beautiful they are 
Much more than 
The sweet melodies 
Your sweet tune alludes 
The Sounds of Life 
From within and around
Without the grumbles
And the rumbles 
Then something would be 
Away and out of place 
A world of elsewhere 
So dull and silent 
Devoid of buzzes, 
Of purrs and hisses, 
An aftermath I dread
Who would see this balance 
That gives me sanity 
And renders them of insanity 
Exist as a vacuum 
To torture the nature 
As we see it today?
That these whistles and giggles
A manifest of our emotions 
So strange at times 
Yet always sincere 
Would be torn and rendered void?
These sounds of life 
Keep hearts beating 
And days bearable 
From the pain and desperation 
Of silence and uncertainty 
A free yet perfect jail 
Free from physical barriers 
Yet effective and able enough 
To cage conscience and imagination
Chirp on lovely bird 
Sing your hearts joys and flaws 
To many it is all the same 
A creation of every reception 
A sound-full of  life.
Ooko Victor.
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