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Well groomed. – Promote Yourself


I sit down on the bench. 
Beautiful sunny day, well kept park where everything is perfectly groomed.
I watch people pass by.
Perfectly fitted suit.
Rushing, looking down.
Designer bags. 
Held closely. 
They fit in well groomed park.
I look down at my feet, green from the grass, messy hair from the wind, sun kissed skin. 
A little boy runs towards the fountain. 
Cheeky grin, ice cream all over his face. 
He laughs and throws stones to the water, scaring birds. 
We both laugh. 
He reminds me to keep part of me child like. 
With feet dirty from the walking on the grass.
We both fit in. 


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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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