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Daily Archives: June 10, 2014




Dear Friend, I sang at your wedding,

Sent my prayers up above,

That you would be very happy,

That you would be successful in love.


We have been friends forever,

When times have been difficult to bear,

We have always consoled each other,

With good and bad times we would share.


Through sickness and sorrow,

No matter what trouble I was in,

For you were there for me always,

They’re for me through thick and thin.


You have always been a good friend,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,

But now as I sing at your funeral,

I know as friends we must part.


But we know there is a heaven,

Together we’ll meet again,

Together as one we shall be,

Things once more will be the same.


Farewell dear friend and thank you,

For your friendship and your love,

Please prepare a place for me,

In that wonderful world above.


I sang at your wedding,

I sang with a tear in my eye,

Now I stand by your graveside,

My last words to you are GOODBYE.



Malcolm G Bradshaw    

Intoxicating love – Promote Yourself


A Nightingale whistles when he feels the season bearing,
as he gathers up the foliage for a nest he builds for two.
Hopeful that his love song will entice a partner nearing,
but until such time adorns him, he will suckle nature’s jus.

A little Vervet Monkey sends his call throughout the jungle,
anticipating summons from a mate with whom he’ll reign.
But as the females spurn him and reduce him to feel humble,
he will inebriate his sorrows with fermenting sugar cane.

A sailor spends a lifetime drifting out upon the ocean,
in the hopes of foreign lands- someday he’ll find his one.
In the meantime he takes solace, living with the notion,
that his troubles will forsake him in a bottle full of rum.

And while they live in hope of a chance at lovers meeting,
they drown their melancholy with a special kind of brew.
As for me, I look no further, I’ve found the one I’m seeking,
I’ve no need to quench my loneliness, my intoxicant is you.

Mr Mister.

Summer days – Promote Yourself


Summer days, wild nights.

Young souls, old friends. 

Salty lips, long kisses.

Moonlight walks, no goodbyes.

Silent mornings, ice cold sea.

Hot skin, messy hair.

New love, new start.

Bare feet, touch of sand.

Magic nights, unbroken hearts.

Never ending smiles, tights hugs.


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