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Teach Me – Promote Yourself


I have had to run around
Thinking and imagining
Of the future I would have
Whom I would end up with
Whether I will be happy
Scared of the unforeseen

I have had my run
Enough of being alone
I now need a fresh start
To retreat and stick for a while
To listen and understand
To learn how to love

Teach me
How to cope with all mornings
From now henceforth
To wake up and look at you a new
To appreciate that this day
Begins with us as one
Just as yester-night set on us

Teach me my love
How to tell you good morning
And watch you smile
As you mumble your response
Make me digest the moment
To cherish and imprint them
In my sincerest memories

Teach me my dearest one
The ways of the gentle ones
Those of whom you fantasize
And hold dear their fairy tale
Of a happily ever after

Tell me the secrets
Of staying true to you
And leaving all others behind
Despite the calling hips and thighs
That threaten to have me stalled

Throw me back
Into this reverie
That saw me set eyes on you
In the first place
And make it feel like a moment
To just count from one to fifty
Anniversaries of real timelessness

I am feeble, my love
Drifting away with every day apart
Giving in to the desires of the flesh
The weakness of my fragile heart

Keep me glued, keep me fixed
Keep me coming back for more
Let me in on the keepers’ secret
For I desire to keep you locked
And safely kept
In this ice-box that is my heart

Teach me, my love
Teach me the lessons of Love.

by Ooko Victor

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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