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Privilege – Promote Yourself


The price of silence
First they came for the immigrants
And I did not speak up
Because I was not an immigrant
Then they came for the teenaged mothers
And I did not speak up
Because I was not one of them
Then they came for the gays and lesbians
And I did not speak up
Because I was not lesbian or gay
Then they came for the people of colour
But as they left me alone
I did not speak up
They they came for the Jews,
The elderly, the radicals, the farmers,
The “disabled”, the trade unionists,
The poor, the artists…
But I believed they were doing it for me
And I did not speak up
They they came for me
And by then
There was no one left to speak up
Good ol’ St. Ignatius had an idea of putting love into practice
That love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words
And his preaching valued teaching
Teaching in institutions just like this one
And he said if we cannot get to all of the marginalized
Teach and form the princes
Because they are the ones with power and privilege
A right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others
Take a moment and think about the privileges that you have or don’t have…
If you drive carelessly, will it be associated to your sex?
Can you go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured that you won’t be followed or harassed?
If you are never promoted, is it because of your sex?
Can you hold holds and touch the person you love in public without fear of public reaction?
Can you take prescription medication for pain without being called an addict?
Can you express your spiritual beliefs and not worry that others may think that you have ties to terrorism?
Do you have an account or mailbox that you can receive and deposit a check?
I don’t know about you but not having to think about these privileges sounds like a pretty huge privilege
And why?
Why is it that we have or don’t have these privileges?
Is it because we are born into them?
The luck of the draw
A hand that was dealt to you
Whoever you see this dealer is
Whether it be God, your parents, society, the government, the education system, the health system
Whoever they are
You’ve been dealt a hand full of privilege
Most of which we don’t even realize we have
And we must realize that in each situation,
none of us have the same straight or full house to play
We can’t assume that my two of a kind weighs the same as your two of a kind
and even if we both do it’s never really the same
We see people who have been dealt shitty hands over and over
And we just want to give them that king or an ace
As if we can fix their place in this race
And we get frustrated
We get anxious
We worry
Why do we worry
Why are we frustrated with the social norm
Something within us is uncomfortable with how things are
Something within us sees it as unjust
Don’t just settle to assume
Don’t assume you know what someone needs
Don’t assume they’re looking for a king to be their savior
Or a neighbor that can do them a favor
Because sometimes all they need is someone to give them a heart
A heart to complete that flush of humanity
And don’t strive to find the heart to give to them
Strive to change the deck
Strive to change the heart in the dealer so they only deal hearts
So challenge it
Get anxious
Get frustrated
Because somehow we were chosen to be here
Somehow someone knows the potential within us
And knows that we can take our privilege
and use it to be with and for others
We have the privilege of knowing that someone will look at us in the eyes
We have the privilege of knowing that someone will listen to us
We are the princes
We don’t just have the privilege of being where we are
We have the privilege to create change
Because a dream without action is just a hallucination
So don’t just scratch the surface, dig a fucking hole
Because in the end, we are not the sum total of our privileges and abilities,
In the end we are the sum total of our choices and actions.
-Taiga Guterres-


My name is Taiga Guterres.  

California, United States

21 years old, new writer

Japanese and Portuguese

Now that the boring stuff is out there, I’ll let you know a little bit about what I’m passionate about.  I’m big on advocating for humanity and love.  I volunteer with the homeless community in Hollywood and I can definitely say that I’ve learned more from them than they have from me.  My experiences with them taught me what no teacher taught and they inspire my writing.  I’m big on stories of our lives and I think that strangers are just vessels of uncharted knowledge and wisdom.  I value humility, imperfection, and hope.  

Here’s a piece that I wrote called “Privilege” which I hope to spread to others not to make them feel guilty or anything to that extent but to simply make them aware and empathize.  



About poetreecreations

I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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