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Daily Archives: June 13, 2014

Morning Reality


The day begins with eyes

having a moment to adjust

to recall just what occurred

immediate in our dreams

a reality speaks to our mind

perhaps where we are today

oft times familiar, yet strange

then the response

to what now becomes our past

blending with the moment

a future of opportunity may unfold


We can always go forward

stay in the present

recognize our beauty is real

without hindrance or shadow

life speaks to open eyes

a waltz evolves right now

the music is specific

the outcome truly unknown

until our resources have been

exhausted only hours later

for now the energy vibrant

suggests a certain eloquence.


Capture that magic

when the windows open

the day becomes ours

to play, to experiment

to live with a freedom

of innocence and human nature

our reality

it is who we are

undefined if we delight

upon the mystique

of being absolute

and helpless by outcome

yet drawn by guidance

our inner soul

passion teases our waking mind.


Thrive, now act; a certain vigor insists

Live, believe; a Spiritual mecca exists


©Thom Amundsen 

ONLY THE LONELY – Promote Yourself


       only the lonely that’s what we are,we fight to be see even from afar,we strife to be notice,from the people we see,you ask most kindly do you agree.                    ~                                                                  only the lonely that’s what we feel,it comes from the heart and its a raw deal,our emotions are high strong an true,we fight to deal with them even if its just you.                                                        ~                                                                      only the lonely that’s how we live,we learn to share things and even forgive,as we move forward in live we know,I hope we can show you as it goes.                          We are invisable to those they can not see,I hope one day some one will find me,and live happily .                                ~      patricia bourne 


war 23


When God created this planet,

It was a place of perfect peace,

As soon as man was created,

All this tranquillity was to cease.


Since man took control,

We have experienced up evil and war,

So what has man achieved?

That wasn’t here before.


If God placed us upon this earth,

What was his purpose what was his aim?

We don’t seem to jell together,

For we’ve been to war again.


We interfere with others,

Of which we have no right,

We argue over religion,

Over that we even fight.


If man ceased to exist in this world,

The world would be a better place,

For we seem to be destroying,

This planet at an alarming pace.


Let us all preserve what we have,

Before it becomes to late,

Let us not destroy this gift,

If we do we all will know our fate.


We will end up with desolation,

Parched and barren lands

Dried up seas and rivers,

And deserts filled with sand.


The answer lies with all of us,

And lessons we all must learn,

For if we loose the nature,

It will never ever return.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Inferno – Promote Yourself

look into


I don’t know yet how to address you, but let me describe the moment that just passed, for I am still high on you. ————–

As you looked into my eyes, I tried holding your gaze to believe it was real A myriad thoughts crossing my mind, I had a difficult time, dear Though I shivered and my eyes wavered, I was ready to steal a glance But as I saw you out of the corner of my eyes, you were still looking at me with that same expression intense

The day passed and I could see your name flash in front of me The name I had never heard before and thought of it as rarest of rare What was it I was going through, a relapse into my younger self Oh, I was gearing towards yet another mills and boons tale with a twist of my own make

I was scared but burning inside like fire on a windy day Baby, is it hell I was sentencing myself to Or is it simply my quest for finding my happiness Tell me if I was wrong for thinking about myself

Though I know things have changed, for better or worse Please help me figuring out for I am going crazier by the day Whatever it is, however things are happening But my fairytale had long vanished behind those dark scary clouds. Poof!

Inspiration: According to me, life is a melodrama. And if my writing do not depict that, what’s the use of thinking so much!?! And as one said, what’s the use of me being called a case of ‘lost and found’ by others? 🙂

~Alka Ranjan (India)

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