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Daily Archives: June 14, 2014

Footbridge Leaning (Dreamy) – Promote Yourself

(9) footbridge (2002)
On the footbridge, leaning
Tide low on the ebb, water slow
Seagulls lazy, playfully flitting
Low over the sinking river.
Whilst over the hills in the west
The golden sun waves farewell
It is a smile I am thinking now
But soon a tear trickles,
Meets the curl of my lips so you can see
That this is joy I am feeling.
Waving, I whisper a ‘Thank You’
Knowing well that I will know
This warming pleasure again tomorrow
It is a short farewell; a brief passing
And I am so thankful.
A kiss at sunset with salt in the air.
Jem Croucher (Jemverse)
About me – I’ve been writing poetry for over 40 years, but I’m still learning. Words have a special comfort and I love finding ways to craft them into pieces of prose for others to enjoy. The sea and Sussex (UK) where I live is my inspiration. But though you’ll find a lot about those things in my words, I love writing about everything and anything that happens in life.
I’ve been published in three poetry anthologies but am currently looking toward the e-world. Recently, I’ve been using WordPress to spread the word about http://jemverse.wordpress.comJemverse – Life in Words.


mindless-life-in-ghostly-shadows/ – Promote Yourself

“Mindless Life in Ghostly Shadows”
An Elizabethan Sonnet
This drinking tea to empty out a cup
And doing tasks to cross them off our lists
Directs the eyes to what is coming up,
Although what’s here, and nothing else, exists.
If sewing only to complete a dress
With thoughts of only what will next arrive,
Then shadows and a deathly emptiness
Accompany all moments we’re alive.
Without Awareness, tapestries of what has passed
Are woven presents filled with ghostly dreams,
And threads of faded “Now” that we’ve amassed
Will hold together Future’s fraying seams.
To always look behind or play the seer
Exchanges “is” for “is not truly here.”

Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess []



To all the cares in this world,

God Bless you, for all you do,

For the unceasing devotion,

We send these words to you.


Without your dedication,

Without your love and care,

Many people would be lonely,

Not knowing what it is to share.


You have given so many dignity,

Encouragement for all to live,

You are all love and light,

In all that you have to give.


You comfort the sick and lonely,

All those that are in pain,

You put a purpose in to their life,

And a will to live again.


So continue the work you are doing,

Instil the dedication love and hope,

Encourage and assist them,

To enable them all to cope.


Your rewards will be many,

Not money fortune or fame,

But everlasting gratitude and thanks,

From those you nursed through pain.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

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