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Limericks Just For You – Promote Yourself


A poem composed for you, dear,
Is what I am offering here.
Instead of a purse,
You’re receiving some verse
As your present for Christmas this year.

The people from a nation of note
Elected to office a goat.
“He’s not nearly as bad
As the humans we’ve had,”
Said those who for that creature did vote.

A man whose behavior’s absurd
Insists he’s becoming a bird.
“In Rome, by the sea,
A card’nal I’ll be”
Says that man whose behavior’s absurd.

My reply when a man once did ask
To imbibe a few drops from my flask
Was, “There’s nothing to drink,
But the wife will now think
I’m too drunk to perform any task.”

There was a man who knew not our God
And was thought by the people quite odd.
To teach him of love,
They gave him a shove
And beat on his head with a rod.

A man who had broken some hearts
Decided to sell them at marts.
“Though unable to beat,
There’s no tastier meat,”
He’d say when promoting those parts

: I hope you all enjoy them:)

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  3. Clever and very entertaining!


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