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The music played on 
The champagne followed 
The conversations punctuated by soft laughter 
And the evening progressed to its logical starter 

This is the song for happy times 
Or a mood setter for the melee, one day fine 
So many things to tell compressed within a short time 
And the life was again back to like nursery rhymes 

The hurt he had caused her, she so wanted to take revenge 
The consummated pain just dragging her one step back 
As the story unfolded, she couldn’t take it any step further 
And the war she had struck with herself retaliated within her 

Was the story a figment of her imagination to hurt him 
Or it was a sour truth she believed in real 
As the pain seared through her on hearing his low voice 
She tried to repair everything back to jolly line 

She wasn’t a cheap floozy 
Just a woman high on passion 
And her imagination high on testosterone 
But she was going to make everything close to perfect 

So the music still played on 
The dining towards an end 
The conversations on the edge of punctuation 
And then the night progressed to its logical start 

Note: A friend asked me the definition of poem. According to me, a poem is a simple expression, not of love, anger etc etc, but of self, things that strike a chord in your heart/mind and you have to write it out fast before it festers and turns into a mind numbing disease.

~Alka Ranjan (India)

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