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Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

TRIED … AND TIRED … OLD WAYS -Promote Yourself

Arthur, the intestate layman, turned lawyer, turned lush … turned lyrical philosopher, 
has learned invaluable truths … not in school … but asleep. 
In an otherworldly realm between life and death, answered has been Arthur’s plaintive prayer:
What if … from “what if” … rich harvests … we reap?
And what if from the corollary “to be or not to be” … untold benefits, we similarly … reap?  
And what if, come an inaugural ‘global citizenship day’,
wide awake, we await the transcendence, that may then take place? What if awake, not asleep,
we cast away … tried … and tired … old ways? 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

Tear Trickled -Promote Yourself


I heard a lemur chorus
On a hot summer’s afternoon
And a tear trickled
I watched a golden sunset
Disappear on the ebb of a tide
And a tear trickled
I watched a June full moon
Hide behind ethereal night-time clouds
And a tear trickled
I heard a 12-bar in the key of G
And as my spine tingled 
A tear trickled
Emotion triggered by beauty
Intoxicates me
Leaves me craving
Encapsulates me
And brings me back for more
Jem Croucher

A Morning Cup – Promote Yourself


Tweets in the morning, birds singing
A faint melody is heard nearby.
An open window for a morning air
Bushes sway like a dancing ballet
Lovely cheeks—softly touched by the early sun
The blue horizon, welcomed by a morning yawn.

Minutes, the legs are moving, arms stretching.
Then “Morning” words within the corners
Smiling lips above the ground,
Greeting, praying, and some are silent
Each is busy in his own interest.

A round table—set with morning goodies
Bread—sweet and leavened,
Cookies on a plastic plate,
Rice and egg for the sweet-less lover
Delighted glory—for a set of groupies
Different food, same smell of aroma
Different tastes for the morning haste,
A Sunday morning,
Completed by a morning cup.


Jenine U. Silos

Blogger at WordPress
Web Developer and Graphics Designer at MediaSilos

Moon-Promote Yourself

When it’s night and everything is dark,
I look at the sky, looking for the moon. 
I find comfort in his familiarity.
Same moon I was looking at when I was a little girl. 
Same moon you are looking at wherever you are. 
Same moon that witness so many lovers, tears, heart breaks, joy. 
Magical. Moon. 
When you feel lonely tonight, just know that I will be looking at him. 
We are forever connected. 
Zuzana Soltisova
– Zuzana
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