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Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

Love’s Embrace – Promote Yourself


“Holy Spirit Come” 

Take my hands, my feet, my eyes, my sleep

Waken in me the path pre-ordained

Let not a passing glance behind

Hamper the perseverance of a walk sustained

Hear me O’Lord in Thee I confide

move me out from the places I’m prone to hide

Shake me to the core

That nothing not of YOU may preside

Break me again if need be

In You alone I trust

Let not the gleaning

Be obscured by rust

And therefore diminish the meaning

Hold me in your mighty arms for I am weak

My only strength lay in You

And without…

There is no life worth living




Humbled to be deemed worthy of sifting

YOU know my every need

the healing tenfold

in proportion

to the little nose bleed




Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, S.C.

Better Days Are Coming – Promote Yourself


With Golden silk locks and pink tiny bows 

There once was a little girl who knew she had the world 

She had magical dreams galor 
With ponies and princesses wisked away by princess 
All fairytales were true
With a smiley metal mouth and cheeks rosy peach
That little girl grew older and new the world was in her reach
Her days all filled with fun and games 
Her friends all ever lasting 
With a pearly white smirk and black outlined eyes
She thought she might have the world 
Girl turned teen, she was ever so keen 
But her love, for her first love, blinded her so
With a broken heart and jeans to match
All she wanted was a match
Now it deemed the world was not all it seemed
Dreams turned nightmares
Friends tuned foes
And crushes turned beau, turned crushed
With dyed brown hair and a job she loathes
She finds a man who’s stern with his hand
She dosn’t dream anymore
Her matches now friends with her glasses
One by one and two by two 
She sleeps away her troubles
With sad tired eyes and no money in her pockets 
She sits on her floor and cries
A cup in one hand, she has one last plan
One wrist bruised and one cut in the other
She sits their bleeding
Only this time, not caused by her lover
With tired eyes gone closed
Body all exposed 
Smoked ashes surround her
As her drink lay on the floor
In endless sleep 
She neither weeps nor dreams anymore 
My name is Ariana and I am from the US, NY to be exact. I am currently a college student majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. I aspire to become a well renowned life and fashion journalist as well as a broadcast journalist. I have a strong love for poetry. Despite the fact I am normally a reader not a writer, for some reason, while fictional, this poem just came to me. I recently created my own lifestyle blog, Candidly Celine. All are welcomed to stop by: 
As a newer member of the blogging community I am very thankful to have discovered forums like these which give young writers as myself an outlet to express my viewpoints and grow as a writer. 
Ariana Celine

“Mindless Life in Ghostly Shadows” An Elizabethan Sonnet – Promote Yourself


This drinking tea to empty out a cup
And doing tasks to cross them off our lists
Directs the eyes to what is coming up,
Although what’s here, and nothing else, exists.
If sewing only to complete a dress
With thoughts of only what will next arrive,
Then shadows and a deathly emptiness
Accompany all moments we’re alive.
Without Awareness, tapestries of what has passed
Are woven presents filled with ghostly dreams,
And threads of faded “Now” that we’ve amassed
Will hold together Future’s fraying seams.
To always look behind or play the seer
Exchanges “is” for “is not truly here.”
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