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“The Storm” – Promote Yourself

A malevolent wind
Blows leaves into a swirl.
Car engines cease to purr.
Deadly silence replaces traffic sounds.
Eagle drop from the sky and leave winged craters in the sand.
Fish float upside down, lifeless eyes gazing sunward.
Giraffes hang their heads and sob
Hyenas find no cause to chuckle as they solemnly scavenge.
Inmates bloody their fists on bars.
Jailhouse guards have long gone home.
Kraken clouds swim the smoky sky
Locking ethereal tentacles around suffocating tree tops.
Mountains crumble like crackers under heavy feet.
Now their peaks rest scarcely higher than their bases.
Off key are the songs of what few birds remain.
Perfect pitch is a thing of the past.
Quavering a moment, an island slowly
Retreats into the ocean from which it once rose.
Snow bubbles and boils, scalding
Those treading through it.
Unbridled rains of melting stone
Violently brand the ground.
Wantonly destructive, a
Xiphoid shard of glass impales a child.
Yielding not to the pleas of man, the storm prepares to reach its
Achievement is not the child of conquest
Bravery is not the brother of aggression
Courage is not the spouse of violence.
Do not underestimate the mundane
Experience the miracle of breathing
Feel the breaths come and go.
Getting even—becoming an account in need of balance
Hurting those who hurt you
Injuring those who injure you, is never
Kings are often miserable
Lords just as sad, but
Maids might smile sincerely.
Narcissism drowns people in themselves.
Obsession drowns them in others
Paranoia drowns them in delusions about themselves and others.
Quiet when listening
Respectful when speaking
Silent when enraged.
Termites bring down houses
Unseen amoeba destroy humans
Vices bury heroes
Water erodes mountains.
Xenophobia freezes hearts to stone
Young smiles gently melt them to soothing liquid
Zealotry boils hearts, leaving a dry pot.
I planned to write this in series of 3, but I noticed too late that I had left two letters out…I ended up adding those two to existing sets of 3.
P.S. This is a first draft. I welcome feedback.
Paul Burgess

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  1. I love these two lines:
    Quavering a moment, an island slowly
    Retreats into the ocean from which it once rose.
    Wow, what a storm! More like the end of the world! Very effective.


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  3. Thank you for posting this poem!


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