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Daily Archives: June 22, 2014

“This Bird Will Sing: Inspired by Maya Angelou” – Promote Yourself

Suffering heavy heart and wing,
Wind forcing flight close to the ground,
This bird will never cease to sing.

To my song, I’ll always cling,
Though I may appear nearly downed,
Suffering heavy heart and wing.
No man, whether peasant or king,
Will ever silence my bold sound.
This bird will never cease to sing.
My voice will vibrantly ring,
If I am shackled and earthbound,
Suffering heavy heart and wing.
Whatever fickle Fate may bring,
Be it murky marsh or sparkling spring,
This bird will never cease to sing.
Though one day thorns of age will sting,
And my green soul will become browned,
Suffering heaving heart and wing,
This bird will never cease to sing.
Paul Burgess
“This Bird Will Sing: Inspired by Maya Angelou” (a villanelle by Paul Burgess)
In 2006, after reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I composed this villanelle for a class. Since it is as cheesy as the most sentimental of greeting cards, I had not planned to share it with anyone. But, since Angelou has passed, I will post it in memory of her. [As with many poems I wrote in college, the meter is a bit irregular]

A Night With You – Promote Yourself

Tonight we dream of fantasy,
Unmindful of things that might be;
We think the stars are all watching us,
But in reality they have all surpassed;
So we dance under the bright moon’s light,
As hearts produce fire with all their might;
A wine of refined flavor we drink with haste,
Afraid that the sun might just find its place;
And so we did it:
But it was my heart you touched,
And not my skin;
It was into my character you looked,
And not into my eyes;
It was my soul you sniffed
And not my scent;
It was all of me you kissed,
And not my lips.
 Shevaun Lemieux

I Can’t Deny! – Promote Yourself



I peeped at her for a moment 
Her charms were so eloquent
That inflamed all my sentiment 
Leaving no part in me quiescent

Her attire was elegantly adorned
By a pure beauty I deemed wild
I adored the blue she embellished 
And the elating glow she transmitted

© Chaouki M’kaddem
June 21, 2014

Pain and Pleasures – Promote Yourself


Pain and Pleasures 
Innocent and final closures 
Both leading to clotting in fissures
Between the conjoined particles 
Ah! the wicked leisures
Go to what extreme measures! 
To inflict exquisite tortures….. 
What a strange world ensnared, 
The Innocent and the Wicked pleasures!!! 

Aisha Idris

When Poetry Ends – Promote Yourself



When poetry ends

Normal service is resumed.


The pen is no longer a needled syringe

Pricking the skin of the page to drink

From the pulsing rush of words beneath.

It’s just a pen.


Your books are not birds perching on wires

– wing to wing – staring unblinking at

You who clipped their flighted fancy.

They’re just books.


Clouds do not graze lazily in endless meadow,

Bulging bellies roiling, lowing in pain, then

Hunkering fatly to herald the rains.

They’re only clouds.


Night doesn’t snugly draw its blanket

Up to the neck of a sleeping moon,

Dancing out its dreams on the shadowed lands below.

It’s just night.


When poetry ends

Normality and service will consume

Your cold-reasoned day,

Like nothing you see before you

Will ever be anything else.


Chris Allen


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