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Daily Archives: June 23, 2014

Thanks for your time. – Promote Yourself


You quickly cross that peril off the list
Because the danger, you assume, has passed,
But other sets of Sirens still exist
And might enchant you when no ropes or mast
Or loyal friends with wax to stop their ears
Restrain your mad, unquenchable desire
To touch the blazing sun that sears
Without enduring its consuming fire.
It’s easy to resist when you’re in chains
And friendly prison guards can’t hear your voice,
But one who’s absolutely free refrains
When fatal pleasure has become a choice.
Until you’ve walked by foes without your crutch,
Surviving battles doesn’t mean that much.
Paul Burgess

The Phone Call… – Promote Yourself

It’s now eight hours 
Since I sent her flowers 
To say am sorry 
And she needs not worry 
Now the day drifts away 
Leaving me cursing and gray
Another day, another apology 
I know at times I get edgy 
And the promises seem empty 
The price I pay, so hefty 
Trust me when I say 
That I am yours come what may
Grant me my love 
This only favor my dove 
Set me free 
From this lonely spree 
Pull me up to stand tall 
With that magical phone call
Save me sweet heart 
This misery that keeps me hurt 
Guide me through 
The morning dew 
Make our virtual paradise 
A constant sunrise!
A sunrise that never will never set 
Not even when we get upset 
When we hurl objects 
At each others project 
And shout out obscenities 
To the neighbors perplexities!
Make that phone call 
For am unable to press ‘Call’ 
And let that sweet voice 
That I claimed make much noise 
Shatter my weakened defenses 
Bring back my dodgy senses
Ooko Victor

Sonnet To The Sea -Promote Yourself

640px-Hovhannes_Aivazovsky_-_The_Ninth_Wave_-_Google_Art_Project (1)
Thou Bossom of the Deep,
oh, Sweet Mother Sea,
Sing me Sweetly to Sleep,
Gently with Thy Swishing Waves,
Thou Mistress of Fury and Calm,
which Threatens or Saves,
to my Heart Thou art a Balm,
Thy ever Changeable Nature,
Suiting my Alterable Moods,
Ranging from Safety to Danger,
I Love the Beauty Thy Waters Exude,
each Different Heave and Roll,
Exalts to the Center of my Soul.


CARS CARS EVERY WHERE – Promote Yourself

car car
~              cars cars everywhere, they go so fast they don’t care,they drive through the streets without  a care,they drive through the town but don’t know where.    ~                                                                  They drive so fast an pick up speed,I wonder if they get there an succeed,            big ones fat ones and tall ones too,do you know if they are new.                                Fast and speedy slow at times,the wheels still turning all the time.                                ~                                                                cars cars everywhere  if you aint one I don’t care,you see them in the windows and you see them in shows,I don’t want to look,oh I suppose.                                      Its a toy for the old and young,do you know where it all begun,in our cars we want style and grace,do you know if you want to race,the need for speed its sad but true,but is it really just you.                    ~      patricia bourne ~  

Passing Time Square – Promote Yourself

time square
I learnt from thee, passer-by
To recite yours of Poetry
Those verses I made of them my song,
Poems, like leaves fallen from a tree
The passing of Autumn, dyeing his body–
A girl with a tattoo, paint’ on a dragonfly.
Mid-haiku, and half-quatrain
I am like a cicada had
It sung all day long,
resting on a limb of a tree
May sing it all summer long
That of, passing-by,
Bow your hat

Mid-day or rush-hours
Take the A or the Q-train
Oh! foolish, thou arth
You throw, dimes and dollars,
on the ground at my feet,
while the soul of my guitar
Burns low like cigars
Makes your hearth, beats
In an instant of delights.
I don’t want the spot-lights
I don’t want the limelight
All I need is love
I don’t need all the above
Can’t you see me,
that I am bleeding
Can’t you see me
‘T’s in my insides-within
while my guitar weeping

Can’t you see those, at noon
My tears like diamonds,
In starry nights.
Rise your eyes,
And You can see the moon
Reflecting in its eye
The offing, or a sea,
at sunrise
So, O you Time Passer-by
Whisper my song to the ears of the wind,
It’s like a dream in the gleam
It will rest
on a dream-catchers nest
on a stay
At ease,
on a wintry day
So, will you please
Gimme back my dream,
And take with you yours,
I need my hearth to rest
Take me home
Take me home, it’s enough for me,
Of Broken roads,and tours
Ending of the world, to roam
Take me to the mountain
Take me to the river
I would like to see it,
If the river still, a river
Running through it
If the mountain is still, mountain
The Hoggar, to climb it
The stars in the sky 
The Milky Way 
At my eye,
Is the limit
So, O you passerby 
Passing Time Square
Look what they do to my song
Take it from my tongue
Look to where
At Broadway
They ditch it.

Passing Time Square, *All Copyrights reserved
Please, be gentile when you use it,
Just call my name, when you sing it

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