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car car
~              cars cars everywhere, they go so fast they don’t care,they drive through the streets without  a care,they drive through the town but don’t know where.    ~                                                                  They drive so fast an pick up speed,I wonder if they get there an succeed,            big ones fat ones and tall ones too,do you know if they are new.                                Fast and speedy slow at times,the wheels still turning all the time.                                ~                                                                cars cars everywhere  if you aint one I don’t care,you see them in the windows and you see them in shows,I don’t want to look,oh I suppose.                                      Its a toy for the old and young,do you know where it all begun,in our cars we want style and grace,do you know if you want to race,the need for speed its sad but true,but is it really just you.                    ~      patricia bourne ~  

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