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Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

~Communion~ – Promote Yourself


The darkness of a million lies
Casts a web of shadows across this land
My heart breaks
Love digs its fingertips into the soil
At the edge of the cliff
Barely holding on
Knowledge has been mistaken for wisdom
But have faith lovers
For love will never let go
The cliff will never give way
As dark as the shadows loom
The glorious Sun shines for us
For you
Dear child
The plants that spring forth from the fragrant earth
An act of divine love
The unenlightened machinations of mortals
So involved and seemingly complex
Turn to a tender tear that quietly falls
Chaos turns to grace
In the healing presence of all that springs forth
From the light
Into the light
Born out of pure love
From the belly of the Cosmos
We are
Nothing less
Life is
Reach out now
Feel and be felt
Experience and be experienced

©2014 Julian Brook Ruszel

Our Ship – Promote Yourself


I used to imagine that our car was a spaceship
A submarine in the sky that would travel through the stars
We were safe guarded once inside its magical doors,
Shielded by the monsters, the faceless thieves and the aliens

My father was the super-human pilot, the captain of this vessel
The flashing arrows were his helpers
Where he would sing love songs to my mother
As my sisters rolled their eyes

It was a night like this, when we were all together
That the elements became the monster
I stared into darkness, holding minute flecks of colour  
From our spaceship that could make rain fall upwards

Margo Nguyen
Hi there, I'm a writer/fitness enthusiast from Australia. I believe that all forms of expression and creativity are imperative for a healthy mind and body. Check out my blog!

‘Escaping control’ – Promote Yourself


Assumptions can be troublesome

Prior warned not to bite

But the line was just too tempting

No wonder it ended in fright


How many repeats are needed

Before the cloudy waters clear?

There seems to be a mighty barrier

Cemented strong by fear




There’s only one conversation

Bore in, bore out, bore down

Two statues standing face to face

And each one wears a frown


No give from either party

Indeed an inevitable result

The battles could not last forever

New bridges must be built


Decision made, up and left

The relief was most apparent

The steely master of deception

Became somewhat transparent


A lesson here most profound

Beware all those who control

For what is dressed as freedom

May in fact, be a devil lead patrol.


Carly Short

Past Time -Promote Yourself

I once met a woman on Greenwich Lane,
She told me
“My past is a dusty Blanket,
Soiled by the sickness of too many a men”
Then she knelt down in the Thames river
Scrubbing her blistering hands
Scrubbed then her knees,
Fell head first and from the wake I heard her scream;
“Wash the stains away,
Wash it all out,
Wash the stains away,
The terrible stains”
Then as she proceeded to sink
Water filled her wailing mouth,
Upon seeing my horrified expression,
Through one last gasp she yelled;
“But I don’t regret those stains”.
Glazzard, Louis Rowan

CYCLE -Promote Yourself


The sound is deafening

Thoughts pierce the mind

A jumbled potion

Mixed up whilst blind

Drank up in haste

Assumed to be a healer

Turns out to be poison

Making ideas clearer

Telling to excess

More pieces needed

Foolish trust follows

The sound exceeded



Musings on the Driveway Cracks – Promote Yourself



They said they would appear,
The cracks that is,
Eventually, Inevitably,
Not hairline fractures
Not superficial scratches
But deep cracks, all the way
Down to the times of sand
That comprise the shifting
Moving underlayment.
Well come they did, they did.
The cracks that is.

And the ants, lots of ants.
They’ve taken up their residence
In the cracks, the many cracks.
Shuttling through the cracks between the
Times of sand and the surface.
They leave their grains in piles
For everyone to see.
But the rain comes and goes
Washes away the piles
Leaving the cracks clean, fresh.
The piles will return though,
Possessing perpetuality
Without the permanence.

Deeper down in the cracks
Organic matter finds its way
Decays, provides fertile
Bedding for seeds of weeds
To find a home and grow.
I cut them and pull them
Sometimes I poison them (I know).
I know the cracks come but do not go
With the unending tides
But I am not ready
For them to be wide.


Joe Gergen

Writer and blogger from Minnesota


I am the one

Who sat upon

The highest cliff

Reaching out to

To the loudest waves

When a man approached me


Though his eyes were sad

He needed someone to talk to,

I did not acknowledge him,

It was at that moment

A teardrop crept from his eye,

Falling and crashing deep into the waves

He followed,

Leaving no trace

When he jumped into the waves,

Silence clung

Like a glove,

All I could feel was his pain

Around my heart


I remain solo

I wish I had spent the time

To talk to him,

The stranger that I ignored

I wish I had been brave enough,

To hear what he had to say

I was his last hope

Now I will never know

The hurt he held inside

I will never know,

How many times he had cried

About whatever secret he held inside

Why his tear drops fell

Into the hungry waters,

Whilst I sat upon the highest cliff

Reaching out to the loudest waves,

Still I remain solo

by Gillian Sims

Louise – workshop poetry

Louise was a lovely girl she rested beneath the trees

She was enjoying the scenery

When all at once she had a thought

She really  needed to eat some lunch

But all she had was a piece of cheese

She rummaged through her shopping

And laid it on her knees.

A piece of bread was all she found,

Really not much of a wheeze,

Just  enough to make her sneeze.

By Claire


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