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Daily Archives: June 27, 2014

“Celebrity Baby Names” [from The New House of Fame–by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess] – Promote Yourself

call me
On normal, trite, and boring children’s names
The House has lately passed a legal ban.
You must not have a Jill, a John, or James
But rather Grapes, The South, or Wat’ring Can.
I might suggest a Lens or maybe Frames–
Or Pressure Pot, The Wok, or Frying Pan.
Your children’s lives will be a lot more fun
With names like Arrow, Knife, and Laser Gun.
“Celebrity Baby Names” [from The New House of Fame–by Paul “Whitberg” Burgess]
The stanza is likely more enjoyable in context:

A Buzzards View – Promote Yourself


Cows and sheep, and chickens with no heads

Are all that can be seen.

A clear cowards dream.

The buzzard looks upon

With eyes of sickening sorrow.


Free above, the consciousness of the swarm

This buzzard will soar,

Like all birds did before.

Yesterdays’ past future

Will no longer be tomorrow.


Plagued land, and vacant minds below

Precede a set course,

Whilst showing no remorse.

Utilized thoughts,

It is not their decision.


To cows and sheep, and chickens with no heads

What does this mean?

Is this their Dream?

Or a birds imminent,

Heinous vision

Thomas Hope, from Fife, Scotland

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