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Daily Archives: June 29, 2014

The Act – Promote Yourself


With eyes sparkling, I hopped and hoped
Of love coming back in a charming cloak
But the expectations raised were all futile, the mutiny with self inevitable
Thus progressed the tale like a torn page out of an old chapter

What I had wanted, what I had wished
It was only for you to share a piece
A piece of happiness, even a piece of truth
But not a piece hidden behind a big solid wall of you

With you in your own sweet world, whenever I wanted you so much
And I wondered whether these were coincidences for real.
Thus every time you thought I was pushing you away
But it was you who started the act in the first place.


Dreams – Promote Yourself

They come in flow,

like a summer stream.

Fickle ideas,

in a random breeze.

As we rest asunder,

in hopes of peace,

they fill our eyes,

with gentle dreams.


Amish Alvi

My name’s Amish Alvi but on the internet I roam with a persona known as Freakreborn. I run a small writing blog: I call home a coastal city known as Karachi in a badly reputed country known as Pakistan but I guarantee there’s hardly anything here to be scared of so don’t worry. I’ve visited the Poetree site quite a number of times in the past, admiring other peoples work I’ve always wanted to share my own as well but I never deemed any of my work worthy enough to be shared. You see, I along with millions of artists out there have a disease that simply does not allow me to like my own work so with a little consoling myself and a lot of hair pulling i was able to pick a poem I think can represent my skills as a poet, here goes: 

Why Buy the Cow When the Milk’s No Good Anyway – Promote Yourself


You are the milk

in my refrigerator:

old, sour,

and chunky.

I can’t enjoy milk

for what it is. It’s only good

for indulgence:

milk and cookies,

ice cream, making pancakes–

food that’s good

in the moment,

but always leaves me

feeling guilty.

Today I noticed the milk has expired.

And in case you didn’t already know,

I’m this close to buying some new

Goddamn milk.

– By Joseph Harwick – USA

Blog link:


I’m an English major that graduated from UF in 2012. Have been on a hiatus writing for awhile and looking to get back out there and maybe get some exposure. Thanks!

My favorite poem is concise ,simple and direct ..


To all those that I meet
With Kindness I will greet
With a smiling face
and a friendly trace,
I will teach them to be kind
In Soul, in Heart, and Mind.

By Jessica M. Faasavalu



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