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That Institution



On a summer evening

There’s really nothing better

Than to chuck your work aside

And all your office letters

And head down to a place you know

Will always be your friend

A place of warm humanity,

Jovial to the end

The pub – that institution

That supports us when when you’re down

To be found in every English place

In hamlet,village,town

And even in The City,

Amongst that brutal flow,

The pub stands like an island,

A place where you can go

To contemplate the weary day

It’s drudgery and hates

But what’s even better

Is to go there with your mates

So head down to the pub today

For crisps and chips and cheer

Go and chat with the locals

And enjoy your summer beer

Charlotte Leslie


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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

2 responses

  1. What a cheerful poem, and it’s about ordinary folk.


  2. AYE….the Pub’s the place!!!


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