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Daily Archives: July 2, 2014

DREAM GIRL….. – Your Favourite Poem

dream girl

Life was mundane and still,
You did not come until .
Full of negativity and insanity,
Pretending to be happy .

But things changed ,
A fresh wind entered.
Fresh like petals ,
With large water sprinkles.

I was awake,
After a long break.
I feel fresh ,
Fresh like never before,
Like a dolphin on the sea shore.

It was she,
Who made me flee,
From the cage,
Into the naked sea ,
And swath clouds.

I was not lazy ,
But crazy,
Crazy like hell,
To feel her smell.

My emotions throbbing ,
Heart echoing,
Tried to control,
But was out of my control.

She was so close ,
In her white gown ,
With black floral designs ,
On her belly down.

Her smile ,
So cute and lovely,
Eyes so divine,
Lips so fine.

She hold my hand,
I was trembled,
A current went through my body,
Shocking every DNA ,
Doctors study.

She said she loved me,
I nodded,
Speechless to say,
With my mouth opened.

She hugged me,
Her skin so soft,
Soft like Mother Nature ,
An amazingly cute creature.

She was very close,
I was afraid ,
I could lose,
Her because of this deadly world,
Dark and cunning.

Suddenly a dark shadow came,
Snatched away her,
Far from me.
I ran after her,
Shouting , madly crying,
Praying to god to save her.

I was dead then ,
With my soul taken away,
Searching her badly like a mad guy,
Asking the passerby.

Cannot speak, 
Cannot walk,
Moments seized,
To a dead end.

Alarm bell rang,
I was on my bed,
It was a dream,
Sweet like ice-cream ,
And bitter like Neem.

I met an angel ,
In dream .
I wish I could meet her,
In real .

I promise ,
I will protect her,
From the danger. 
Till my life ends…..


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