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Daily Archives: July 3, 2014

The Odyssey – Promote Yourself

[Polyphemus, painted by Jean-Leon Gerome]

“The Rage of Odysseus and the Cyclops”
Escaping near disaster made me bold.
Against the pleas companions wisely spoke,
I would not cease to taunt a wounded foe—
To make him feel again the blow
That rendered sightless that unsightly eye—
An eye that saw a meal, and little more,
Where gentler eyes would see a man in need.
The crash of boulders and resulting waves
Alarmed the crew, but rage was further fueled,
Not quenched, by drenching rains of salty sea—
The fire inside my spirit roared with flames
That strove to match the waves in height.
I thought I’d shout the fire ‘til none remained.
Despite increasing vehemence and force,
The hills he hurled and fiery words I shot
Became more futile as our distance grew.
Although I was exhausted, flames still burned.
Enraged about the men he had devoured,
I had endangered friends who were alive.
The smoke I blew had made me nearly blind,
And boulders hurled did not restore his sight.
Paul Burgess

Pause in the Silence -Promote Yourself

Make space
Make time
Then pause
In the silence
Shield your mind
To the noise
Of this world
And pause
Open up
To your God
His kingdom 
Is near
His Spirit 
Is with us
So pause
Hear His voice
Breaking through
The silence
To whisper
And roar
by @faithunlocked

Ode to my Cat – Promote Yourself

My confidant and loyal companion! I thank you for being by my side
Always there when I need a friend never running away to hide
Comforting me when I am sick or feeling the effects of the day
Your soothing purr will forever be my means for keeping depression at bay
Joyfully we play running back and forth along the corridor
The pitter patter of your paws stays with me forevermore
I take great care to reciprocate the love you give to me
With thoughtfulness of the food I offer thee, in great health you will forever be
Kara Spain

If We Be Naught But Star-dust -Promote Yourself

If we be naught but star-dust
Then why do we have souls
That can be torn, bleed and cry?
What cause for pain and sorrow
What excuse for hope or love
If there is not a Greater Being?
Why do we strive and care
Work, struggle, and toil
If there is no reason?
The heart and mind experience
Sensations that we call feelings
It cannot all be useless!
It may be false comfort
But I believe in a force
Larger than myself.

Emily Karn

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