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Daily Archives: July 5, 2014

PERCEIVED RISK – Promote Yourself



Perceived risk

Everywhere you turn

Danger afoot?

When will you learn?


Old hinders new

Connection cracked

Temporary madness

How long will it last?


Threat passing needed

Before links return

Ghostly illusions

Trick and then burn


Never abating

Endless errors

Mind never stops

Unwanted terrors


– CarlyLou

The Greatest Failure – Promote Yourself


We had run in circles, burning a ring through the Earth, in this endless quest in blindness;
A tome worth of scripts have left my fingers bleeding in my attempt to save what I once loved.
A ghost.

Cheated, lied, betrayed – repeat offense – and yet this foolish heart could form no hatred;
I cried, I bled, all to see your soul set free from the demonic chains that now bound it firmly;

Decades past in my efforts for your salvation, but I know only He can truly unbind your soul;
I was left a mere shadow of my former self – you had drained my every breath, my every piece;
I was undead.

Broken under your weighted burdens, I finally flew out of that bird cage door, my home with you;
My prison.
Yet, the hope inside still lives on that one day, pray, you will awaken from your comatose state;
Paralysis of self.

The greatest failure, they say, is the failure to try – the title to the book on your false devotion;
‘Meet me half way’ to you existed not, my dear, yet I tore my arms in reaching for you;
Your sloth.

‘Reach for me’, ‘dust yourself off and try again’, the whispers of my heart and mind fell deaf;
No. For had there been true meaning, a reason, you wouldn’t have just said, but would have done;

A road to success.Naziyah Mahmood
My name is Naziyah Mahmood, and I have recently started publishing my short stories and poetry on WordPress, and this opportunity is just what I need!
I am an Astrophysicist and Aerospace Engineer from Scotland, having worked on some missions for the European Space Agency, and my passion in life is martial arts and all things sugary!
Thank you once again for giving us all this wonderful opportunity to share our work!

“I Break Not Ice” – Promote Yourself


I struggle
Through caverns of bright ideas
Crawling, bleeding
Embodied footprints of blissful imagination
All the while crying
Streams of happy achievements
The thought of which
Pulses of prestige and liberty

Yet I am headstrong
Through thick and thicker
Under the daunting peaks
Of my own vast and jagged Mountainous standards

Upon the wound of winter’s jaw
Scabs persistent elasticity
I shall not be as small
As I am
As these cliffs judge me to be
Nay say I

I struggle
Past ranges of brilliance
Marching, singing
Cadence worthy of the wolves
Loudly blaring my intentions
To surpass all who have blazed the trail
That I now reinforce
But aim to overlook

Yet I am headstrong
Rising and climbing
Reducing the gravity
Of comparing and contrasting
Standards versus mine own

Past the frigid grip of glaciers
I break not ice
But myself
As I am
As these cliffs judge me to be
Nay say I

I struggle
From the treeline of hesitation
Panting, gasping
Huddled with exhaustion and company
Utilizing the heat of my desire
For fuel in my continuing trek
The summit is in view
Beaming with beautiful freedom

Yet I was headstrong
Until the site
For which I fought so tenaciously
To reach and hold
Was in my arms

Under my callused feet
I stumble onto my height
Do I now cease
As I am
As these cliffs judge me to be
Nay say I

I struggle anew
*by Cody A. Conklin

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

I’m a 22 year old Colorado native. I’m currently a Gas Turbine Electrician in the US Navy. Poetry is my dry land.

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