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Daily Archives: July 6, 2014

“Innocence Lost” – Promote Yourself


She wants love
I love her not
I hide her in a vault

She comes out
I put her back
Nothing is her fault

In Penance Still
For what? Hard to tell…

Buried Deep
Still Buried Deep
Inside a personal hell

No One’s fault
Path of Life
Trying to make sense…

Never solved
Puzzle Still
Air is thick and dense

Dice still roll
What happens when they land?

Life Changes
Deal with the shifting sands

Heart grows cold
Things once lost not found

Eyes Wide Open
Inside these chains I’ve bound

Emily Bird

“Sestina” – Promote Yourself

As the house band loudly plays,
They finish a frantic dance.
He buys her a fresh, hard drink
And looks confused ‘til she waves,
And then toward her he moves.
His shoes squeak in time with his steps.
He thinks about how lightly she steps,
The way she sweetly teases and plays,
And then how seductively she moves;
He loves how she smiles when they dance,
Same as when she splashes in the waves,
And he watches, holding a drink.
With a kiss she thanks him for the drink.
On the wah, the guitarist steps.
The couples hit the dance floor in waves
And hum along with the riffs he plays;
The building itself seems to dance.
A drunken pair shows off its best moves.
He hopes she’ll go with him when he moves.
He wants to ask, but just sips his drink.
Sadly, he thinks, this could be their last dance.
As back and forth, side to side, he steps,
A mental film of them married plays
And then one in which she cries and waves.
Her wild hair, flowing as untamed waves,
Swishes and sways as her head moves,
And upon it, the light softly plays.
She feels she’s had too much to drink;
Slightly unsteady are her steps,
But she still enjoys the dance.
Worn out, they cease to dance.
In the wind, a flag waves,
While outside, they sit on the steps.
For seconds, neither of them moves.
Gnats land on them and start to drink.
Inside the band still plays.
With her hair she plays
While his eyes restlessly dance.
It seems as if all he’s had to drink
Escapes his pores in sweaty waves,
As he proposes to her on the steps…

Fear Not – Promote Yourself


A greatest enemy of humankind,
Without sharp teeth,
A delusional mechanism of the mind,
A living virus inside the a mind.
A dream stealer,
Coming like a shadow of a hawk,
Over a meagre chick, running so terrified.

To so many,
You have kept the infertile,
They wake up daily.
So much dreams, talents and potential wasted.
Doubt is your friend.
Your negavivity has made many poor millionaires

Graves are rich,
Full of destines never riched,
How many have been so scared?
Any ugly liar inside every man,
A daylight, A life time,
Thief of esteem.

Im exposing you fear,
You are like a vapour,
Colourless, Powerless.
You are a mist that blurs,
You blind people’s visions.

To me you are now dead!
You have kept me stegnant so long,
Now I say so long, Fairwell unfair friend,
You have turned heroes into cowards,
Well enough, we rejecting your injections,
Tell your bosoms, lies, fret and laziness,
That never will you bring them over here.
You cannot hold us so low!

I twit like a bird,
I blow it as loud as a trumpet,
Across the skies.
From the mountain tops,
I proclaim!

From Cape to Cairo,
Down in the remote villages,
Up in the colossal towers of New Your City,
Deep in the amazon forests,
Over the islands, lakes and hills of the earth.

Fear not, Fear is not real,
Fear is a liar, Faith fights fear!
Armour yourself!
Faith is real, Faith works!
Believe and erode fear out your systems.

African Lovers

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