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When Captain Scott set out to reach the Southern Pole
A place to where no man had ever been
There were just miles of frozen waste before his eyes
No sign of Fauna or Flora could be seen
Scott was not the first man to try to reach the Pole
The explorer Shackleton had attempted it several years before
He was only ninety-seven miles away when his supplies started to run out
But he decided to turn back to the safety of the Antarctic shore
He was not prepared to risk his men just to reach his goal
To him their safety was the most important consideration
To get so close and then turn back would be traumatic
He knew his failure would bring sorrow to the British nation
Scott’s party set off with the sledges fully laden
It was more than seven hundred miles they had to go
They had to carry food for the return journey
How long this would take them they really did not know
On a good day fifteen miles might be covered
No progress could be made whilst the blizzards roared
Time was spent in crossing crevices and climbing ice cliffs
Precious time which they could ill afford
Scott and his men battled against the conditions
Soon the store of fodder for the horses was depleted
Scott realised that they were now of little use
They must rely upon themselves to ensure the journey was completed
Every day their progress became less and less
In spite of this they continued to struggle on
Although they went from disaster to disaster
They never felt that all hope had gone
Each day they made a little progress
Scott realised that the pole was very near
But his joy quickly turned to disappointment
When he saw the flag of Amundsen flying there
Amundsen had travelled to the pole by a different route
His party had used husky dogs to pull their sleighs
They were more used to the weather conditions than Scott’s horses
They made much better progress across those icy wastes
It is hard for us to realise Scott’s disappointment
After struggling for weeks over that difficult terrain
To know that he was not the first to reach the pole
That the efforts of his team had been in vain
Dispirited they set out on the return journey
Knowing that there was over seven hundred miles to go
Now they had to pull their own sledges
Over miles and miles of ice and snow
Each day they drew nearer to civilisation
But on the journey several of them died
The last four were only eleven miles from their base camp
The efforts they made should never be decried
Like many explorers who had gone before
Scott and his men had pressed on in the face of adversity
Although they failed to achieve their mission
This epic will always be part of our history
Ron Martin
Roald Amundsen’s party reached the South Pole taking a different route on December 14th 1911.  Robert Scott’s party reached the South Pole on January 17th 1912.  According to Scott’s diary, Evans died on February 18th 1912.
Oates left the shelter of the tent on March 17th 1912 and sacrificed his life to ensure that the others would have sufficient food to survive.  The rest of the team died on March 31st 1912 when they were only eleven miles from their base camp and safety.
Roald Amundsen’s party reached the South Pole taking a different route on December 14th 1911.  Robert Scott’s party reached the South Pole on January 17th 1912.
According to Scott’s diary Evans died on February 18th 1912.  Four of the party Captain Scott, Captain Oates, Henry Bowers and Edward Wilson were only eleven miles from their supply depot when they were forced to camp due to a very severe blizzard.  Captain Scott and Captain Oates were both badly affected by frostbite.  In fact Captain Scott could hardly walk.  Food and oil supplies were very low, and Captain Oates sacrificed his life to ensure that the others would have sufficient food to survive.  As he left the tent Captain Oates said “I am just going outside, and may be some time”.  Scott’s diary indicates that the blizzard raged for ten days.
It is now believed that Henry Bowers and Edward Wilson could have reached safety, but refused to leave Captain Scott who could no longer walk due to the frostbite.  Wilson was a doctor and a very religious man, and the thought of abandoning a sick man was something he could not tolerate.
In his last letter written to his mother he wrote “I am Captain Scott’s man and I shall stick with him to the end.
The end came on March 31st 1912.


What were the hopes and aspirations
Of those who walked with the man from Galilee?
Were they hoping for important positions in the land
When their country was finally set free?
Did they really believe that one man had the power
To win freedom from the power of Rome?
They must have felt he was someone special,
Otherwise they would never have left their home.
The Romans appeared to be quite unconcerned,
They did not interfere with him in any way,
They put no restrictions on his travels,
And placed no limits on what he was allowed to say.
In no way did he cause them any trouble,
He said that Roman taxes should be paid on demand,
He never said anything about establishing an earthly kingdom,
Or ever promised them freedom for their land.
Whenever He spoke to them of freedom,
It was a freedom of a different kind,
It was not freedom from an invader,
It was a freedom that they had in their mind.
For whilst they were prisoners of a foreign power,
They were also prisoners to the power of sin,
This was the freedom he could grant them,
It was a freedom they would feel within.
This freedom will give us peace of mind,
Our lives will be freed from strain and stress,
Contentment will dominate our thinking,
And our lives will be imbued with happiness.
Ron Martin

Perpetual Thoughts -Promote Yourself

 hay fever

In meadows of perpetual thoughts hay fever strikes

And water shall run, drip and drown any doubts

Of charcoal trees no longer brown and falling down.


In the depths of deep lochs where perpetual thoughts

Drink to then sink in a filled pit of wet sorrow,

An answer they shall borrow from a wet tomorrow.


In an empty white sky my perpetual thoughts shall

Soar free and fly with no announcement or goodbye;

My own wings are not ready for flight, I am unsure why.


In my summer of perpetual thoughts the shine has begun;

Lit from the rising son, the mother land, the divine father

And the thoughtful man, who have now become one.

Thomas Beresford Hope, from Fife, Scotland.

Once upon a time – Promote Yourself

Once upon a time

Baby, you don’t know what I am going through
How hard I am trying to hold on to you
Those difficult times still strike me mad
And I close my eyes, lift my hand and clasp your hand tight

Imagination is getting bigger, the reality blurring
And I think how it is that things changed so quick
I still love you the same insanely
But why do I feel so confused intimately

There was never a moment I thought ill of you
Then why did I hid things from you
It still feels all so chaotic in my head
May be I thought redemption the only way out

And that reminded me
Of why I started writing in the first place
For I had to simply say
Of the love that was once upon a time


Note: People ask me how I write such, what it was that inspired me to write it. There’s a lot of regret and secrets that I hide hinting at various aspects of a lover, who is consumed by his/her regret and worries whether the person he/she longed for or loved wouldn’t be loved in the same way again because of the guilt and the dire need of salvation. And I reply back, “what could I say, it’s just my vivid imagination on hearing the tales of the close few ones I have.”

~Alka Ranjan (India)



Many people in this world

 Need a guiding hand,

Someone to talk too,

Someone to understand,

Without the knowledge of life,

Without tenderness and care,

They have no one to speak too,

To confide in, or to share.


Be a shoulder to cry on,

Listen and you will find,

The satisfaction you receive,

By being sympathetic and kind,

Receive your thanks with humility,

 Asking nothing untoward,

For God will repay your kindness,

By serving, will be your reward.


Their are so many lonely people,

Who only need to share?

Their troubles and downfalls,

Just to show them that you care,

Illuminate their conscience,

Encourage them to conquer and fight,

Extinguish the darkness that surrounds them,

To fill them with Gods glorious light.


Malcolm G Bradshaw  

What Wonder is this?


I stand so small in this big wide world.
Looking up to the heavens; stars in vast array.
What wonder is this too much to contemplate?
Does my life matter in this amazing creation?
Where does my destiny lie? Where will it end?
How can my mind take in this infinite wisdom?
To think man in his arrogance can ignore all this.

I stand here in awe of God,
Just a speck of dust in the universe,
Just one person in the sea of humanity,
Yet, what I do and say, does make a difference.
What wonder is this mysterious paradox?
One day all my questions will be answered,
All will be revealed in eternity.

What have I learnt in 58 years on this earth? Simple: ” the humility to know that I do not have all the answers to life”… I wrote this poem a few years ago and my view has not changed :

What Wonder is this?
by Simon Icke Uk

Copyright Simon Icke @ 2013

Sunset – Promote Yourself



Here i sit in purgatory,

Not for the 1st time in history,

All those sins cant be put to bed,

While they’re causing chaos in my head.

Memories of old relationships,

Some that would sink the strongest of ships,

Too much drinking even drugs,

People taking me for a mug. …

The minimum that anyone should expect,

Is to receive mutual respect,

But when thats not what you get,

That is when the sun should set.

Call it quits and move on,

Especially when things are wrong,

And if a relationship isn’t a team,

It never works if you know what I mean.

And give history

A metaphorical hysterectomy ,

Stop the past rushing skeletons out the closet,

Buy the future wi no deposit,

Go all in whatever the cost,

Its easier when theres nothing to be lost.

Lee Colloingham

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