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Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

Cleansing – Promote Yourself


The day seems endless as the road is long, 
Love and joy is as far away as a distant galaxy, 
My aching heart is as sad as the lonely tear that flows from a lost child’s eye 
I grow weary for peace that comes so easily to others, 
Why must I continue to feel the  weight and whoa of the world? 
I know it is not for me to take on the brunt of the non-conformity in this joyless life I lead, 
I feel I must try and replace the bad I have done with as much good as my weary mind and body can handle, 
The morning dew drips from the rose petal as perfect the gift of another day to change all that went wrong the day before, 
Another chance to see the good to hold onto hope to quell the crying to wipe the tear, 
But for most of us the world shows the same, we all want it but afraid to make the change, 
The sky grows dark the thunder rolls in as a gentle sweet rain washes away the dust and sand that fills the voids of our souls, 
I will try again to see all that can be with this eyesight of pain and look through blinders to the perfect gift of hope that is distant to the suffering 
The rumbling of my heart gives hope like the fresh grass in a flowing field of bright yellow daises 
The view is most beautiful form my eyes of desire, I long for joy like the long lost love of friends from afar 
We can bring our own peace, but we need to free ourselves of the burden of thought that drown our thoughts like mire from beneath 
Free I say like voice without fear, just embrace the change you asked for and take in the wonderful scent from the rose with the morning dew 
Across the desert of life few try to cross, the very thought of it is certain mental death, But so is the joyless, painful loveless, life we live without the chance of hope 
That one drop from the rose, that rain storm of hope and dreams, we can change for the good but still our minds keep us locked up in this mental prison, 
So much strife in a world full of chances, just one of which seems impossible to penetrate, too hard like a diamond that is hidden in our heart of stone, hardest to break but easy like wet paper to rip our soul out and cast aside 
Not the pain we want but is the pain we give because we don’t understand, 
To hope for the rain is to hope for the cleanse… 
Sean P Warren

Rain Water


drops that light tap your head

in a summer night

while amongst the living

a garden of love

more drops that light tap skin

feel alive

knowing you have

this sense of touch

to experience a cleanse

natural in every essence

Sadly, we know the container

of human condition

creates the invisible reality

that now drops from the clouds

the circle of destruction

inside our natural elements.

Yet, for a time, just delight in the beauty

of a spectacular summer morning rain.


© Thom Amundsen 2014



no beer



The shades of night was fallin’ slow
As through New York a guy did go
 And nail on ev’ry barroom door
 A card that this here motter bore:
 “No beer, no work.”

His brow was sad, his mouth was dry;
It was the first day of July,
 And where, all parched and scorched it hung,
 These words was stenciled on his tongue:
 “No beer, no work.”

“Oh, stay,” the maiden said, “and sup
This malted milk from this here cup.”
 A shudder passed through that there guy,
 But with a moan he made reply:
 “No beer, no work.”

At break of day, as through the town
The milkman put milk bottles down,
 Onto one stoop a sort of snore
 Was heard, and then was heard no more—
 “No beer, no work.”

The poor old guy plumb dead was found
And planted in the buryin’ ground,
 Still graspin’ in his hand of ice
 Them placards with this sad device:
 “No beer, no work.

”Written by: Ellis Parker Butler 


~ MY SON ~ Promote Yourself

tears of boy

                                   Tears of joy and tears of sorrow, tears of a boy who can’t think about tomorrow.          Tears of a boy who is lost, tears of a boy who gets crossed, tears of a boy who stands there, tears of a boy who just don’t care.                                                  ~                                                                  Tears of a boy who looks sad, tears of a boy who gets mad, tears of a boy who is grown, tears of a boy who is alone.              Tears of a boy who is so poor, tears of a boy who is no more, tears of a boy who can, tears of a boy who is a man.                  ~ patricia bourne.wordpress 2014 
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