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Daily Archives: July 16, 2014


Worry is the price we pay for something we may never own,
This is a truism we would do well to understand,
We have to be realistic about things over which we have no control,
For this is something on which our happiness could depend.
All of us at sometime get bogged down in the cares of life,
We all have matters which cause us real concern,
We should understand that worrying has no beneficial effect,
Constructive thinking is something that we must learn.
It has been said that “what will be will be”,
If we sit back we can be sure that this will be true,
But our fate will be determined by our actions,
In other words our future depends upon what we are prepared to do.
Do we really think that our fate is pre-ordained,
That we cannot influence our future in any way,
There is one thing of which we can be certain,
Our life is influenced by everything we do and say.
There are of course some things over which we have no control,
Which means that we cannot affect them in any way at all,
About such things there is no point in worrying,
If they do happen we shall either stand or fall.
Positive thinking is one of the keys to happiness,
Preparedness to face the future is another important key,
Negative thinking can never provide a solution,
To the problems to be faced by you and me.
These can only be solved when we are prepared to face them,
Prepared to meet our future with an air of confidence,
If at the end of the day it ends in failure,
We can be sure that worrying would have made no difference.
Ron Martin

random – Promote Yourself

cars she’s past
on her way to work
curling gray
at the temple
wake with a start
its eyelids are dark
lulling into a whimsical hum
rolling joints
popping popcorn
like snapping a fallen twig in half
the tree’s already dead
lining the grooves
feeling shiverish
churning milk for butter
grease stains
dribbling from the chipmunk’s chubby cheeks
grimaces the dimples
eking the blood
the clinging vines embrace the forgotten building that once offered shelter
rustling twines of shushed regret
‘nother three-oh
years spent hiding.
Copyright © Jennifer McMillan and ArmchairQB 2014.

OUTSIDE IN IS NOT TRUE – Promote Yourself



Outside in is not true

But looks to be most common

To adore the heart before the shell

Is an idea most have forgotten


Outside in is not true

Non-thinking by the masses

Amalgamating together easier

As the extended time passes


Outside in is not true

And thoughts can’t always be trusted

Idle obedience has its disguise

But emerges broken up busted


Outside in is not true

The opposite must go seek

An uphill climb so difficult

But stopping is only for the weak


Outside in is not true

Why mistake to settle so soon?

For what lies beyond the tall sky

Is far more than just the moon





In daily life we go through emotions,
Prostration, Stagnation, Frustration;
Occasionally there’s a lability,
Alternating Happiness with Irritability,
Down in doldrums; then ecstasy

The Mind power is Overwhelming;
Reaching down in the ocean ,depths, where darkness rules
Forging forward in Cosmos, conquering galaxies;

So I have churned my own philosophy,
Man is as sacred as Diety,
I endorse the teachings of Humanity,
Hopefully, to be able to keep everyone happy!!!

Aisha Idris

Sadness – Promote Yourself

It is morning time so I must wake, another day of sadness I can not take 
I beg the lord to give me a sign, to ease these thoughts from my aching mind 
The sadness I feel to me is real,  please my friend help me heal 
I will repay you  I say with a scream, just one break from this angry mean 
My time is short and I want to go, I am ready to go 
I have looked to the world to find the good, but mostly it is misunderstood 
My mind races with thoughts of  doom and soon I will see  that death will loom 
She calls to me with her soft sweet voice it seems I don’t have a choice 
Please come to me and take my soul, I am ready I will go 
I am tired of the sad life I lead , there must be more for which I cannot see 
Night time is here and sleep will be, I will dream of happy for which will not see 
Another  false hope night has been given to me I, ask the Lord please leave me be 
For I ask for things I will not see, please go ahead and just take me 
Don’t let me wake and end this madness , not another day filled with sadness….
Sean P Warren
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