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Daily Archives: July 23, 2014

A Maze Meant for Life – Promote Yourself

mazeA maze
for you
a lab rat
by a trickster
deliberately watching
you run
or cower
the rules
those written
those not
no reason
no logic
no gain
it’s wrong
do the rite
but no help
and no light
no bridge
and no ladder
no scaffold…
a dreary cloud over
the brain and the face
is it you
is it me
which one out of place
simply smile
I’m fine how are you
wall words
to knock down
to restore back to grace
in amazement
walls flattened
no maze meant for you
but to enjoy
build a home
watch it grow
share the shelter
not a maze meant for you
but paths of amazement
to lead me to You
cheryl bhagwandin

Photograph – Promote Yourself

Take a look at that old photograph, to remind
yourself that it’s not that bad.
At fifteen everything is the end, but if you look back now and then,
It was just a bump in the road, a hiccup, don’t you know.
Life kept moving on and so did you.
You got through your drivers test and your graduation.
You didn’t need him, congratulations.
Buying your first car, but he was so far
In your first apartment, you got the letters that he sent
There’s so much more that he missed
You think to yourself, what if it was different?
He has 6 months left, so prepare yourself
For the changes you face ahead, this is far from over yet.
After 5 years he’ll be back and act like nothing even happened
All this time that you spent playing it over and over again
 Michelle Lemae
Hello my name is Michelle. I recently published my first poetry book titled Fearless on Amazon. I am currently working on Fearless part 2, it has a whole new look and I’ve added a couple more poems to it. Here is one of the poems from Fearless part 2.

Minimal Aspirations – Promote Yourself

Why be precious and become
matter of envy and greed
Why not be obscure
and so more heed
for there is more to see
and less to show
why make wealth far beyond
could it sustain through age?
why not make smiles
which echo till memory fade
for there is less to reap
and more to grow
why be a saint
and tempt to judge sins
why not be a pupil
wisdom pass through ego thin
for there is more to know
more to flow
more to glow
yatharth ( 24 may 2014)
My name is Yatharth. I am from India, living in Singapore.
I write blogs on religion and Indian Politics but occasionally writes poems as well.
Here’s is one of my  poems 
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