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Daily Archives: July 25, 2014


The English language is not easy to write or speak,
In so many ways it can be quite confusing,
Very often words and phrases are misapplied,
And we sometimes find this to be quite amusing.
Words are not always pronounced as they are written,
For instance enough will never rhyme with dough,
We have to listen very carefully to the pronunciation,
Or our understanding of the language will quickly show.
Some people might catch a train from Nottingham to Leicester,
And note the names of the stations they pass through,
The English folk will know when they reach Loughborough,
Australians might think that it was Logger-be-rew.
I before E except after C is said to be the rule,
But this cannot always be applied,
For if we write about a person’s height or weight,
Our spelling will certainly be criticised.
Slang words are just another complication,
As are words which virtually sound the same,
Can it be write for me to ask a question?
Or to ask someone else to right their name.
The English language has so many variations,
It is spoken in so many ways throughout the land,
Accents, brogues and nuances all make a difference,
Its no wonder people find it hard to understand.
 Ron Martin


Invictus – which the former South African president Nelson Mandela read to fellow prisoners in Robben Island jail

The Holy Land (Palestine) – Promote Yourself


What revered, holy land you are?

They took your homes, your olive trees

Ohh! Kingdom of heaven, now cursed you are

They let you gasp the breath they lease

What revered, holy land you are?

Your burning homes, those gardens charred

Those evil men that wretched star

Your love is scarred, your innocence marred

What revered, holy land you are?

Their lies, deceit are aired as fact

Your pelting stones at armored car

Your scream in pain their terrorist act

What revered, holy land you are?

Democracy, humanity, the right to live and breathe as free

Are they not dreams you’ve pushed so far?

So why now deaf to screams you are? Why this pain you fail to see?

What revered holy land you are?

Your silence is admission of guilt

Your judgment not a day so far

Forever none has ruled so far, the strongest realm they might have built

What revered holy land you are?

You’ve seen much worse of times in past

Such devilish men, the Satan’s czar

Nor they shall live nor curse shall last

What revered holy land you are?

You sacrificed, your cherished brood

 Ohh Palestine, so brave you are

No one but you, shall last this feud

What revered holy land you are?

My name is Kashif javed my blog link is 

Reflecting Hatred – Promote Yourself


Apologize again please I need to hear the words

Though I remember them clearly in my head from the last time

Build up my trust by showing me I can trust you

I will become hopeful again, even feel amazing for a moment thinking this is it

The past is gone and you’re making the choice to take care of me

Thank you, I need you to take care of me so badly

The minute I acknowledge that, feel the depth of pain from past betrayals a signal goes off

Beckoning you to take back what you said, to break down trust again just so you can…

Apologize again please I need to hear the words

Emily Bird

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