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The English language is not easy to write or speak,
In so many ways it can be quite confusing,
Very often words and phrases are misapplied,
And we sometimes find this to be quite amusing.
Words are not always pronounced as they are written,
For instance enough will never rhyme with dough,
We have to listen very carefully to the pronunciation,
Or our understanding of the language will quickly show.
Some people might catch a train from Nottingham to Leicester,
And note the names of the stations they pass through,
The English folk will know when they reach Loughborough,
Australians might think that it was Logger-be-rew.
I before E except after C is said to be the rule,
But this cannot always be applied,
For if we write about a person’s height or weight,
Our spelling will certainly be criticised.
Slang words are just another complication,
As are words which virtually sound the same,
Can it be write for me to ask a question?
Or to ask someone else to right their name.
The English language has so many variations,
It is spoken in so many ways throughout the land,
Accents, brogues and nuances all make a difference,
Its no wonder people find it hard to understand.
 Ron Martin

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

4 responses

  1. Only makes it the best language ever.


  2. Clever and fun. Thanks for sharing!


  3. leoniethomas18

    Funny you specifically mention Loughbourough. My friend was once asked by an American the way to ‘loogy-b’roogy’. I’ve laughed about ever since.


  4. Beautifully written and how true! The English language is indeed a daunting one to learn, not to mention master. Your post is an awesome reminder of that fact and also proves that you have a great handle on this complex means of communication that many of us struggle with daily! 🙂


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