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Daily Archives: July 29, 2014

Yes, my girl you are the star,- Promote Yourself

Rise up and rise above what crushed you
 Yes, my girl you are strong, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that despised you, be ashamed!
Aim high and reach heights where others dare not
 Yes, my girl you are able, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that failed you, be ashamed!
Explore the new, where others tread not
 Yes, my girl you are the leader, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that mocked you, be ashamed!
Believe in your dreams and make them true
 Yes, my girl you are the winner, you won’t fail.
 Let the world that denied you, be ashamed!
Show the world what you got, show them you can
 Let the world see the fire that burns in you
 Strong and steady, guiding your way.
 Yes, my girl you are the star, shine forever
 Let the world see what you are worth!
Priya Krishnan

Collection Of Poems – by Jessica Burton – Promote Yourself

Out of every guy I’ve ever met, no one compares to you,
I just want to be near you and do the things you do.
Ever since I laid eyes on you, I noticed you had that spark,
And thousands of new formed butterflies fluttered within my heart.
As care free times are changing and future plans begin,
We find ourselves drawn together and these crazy feelings kick in.
Its written in our starsigns, we’re compatable as can be,
So it is no wonder that we make perfect company.
Whether there’s wind or rain or snow it never feels blue,
As long as you are there with me, I know that we’ll get through.
Wind means kites will fly well, rain creates puddles to splash,
Snow makes it feel like christmas without the need for cash.
In this dramatic world, things change from day to day.
We often fall and make mistakes until we find our way.
Somtimes we annoy each other and take little things too far,
But it’s from these things we learn, it’s just the way we are.
Exam results aren’t everything, they shouldn’d make you stressed,
Even if the world should stop, there’s no need to be depressed.
When we are together and our smiles fade into one,
I know our love’s for real and not just there for fun.
Crossed fingers of luck come from all around as our worries drift away,
And those lil butterflies inside us shine as does our love each day.

by Jessica Burton 
We arrived at the hotel at precisely six fifteen
But to my disgust the entrance was not pristine
The luggage handler stole my bags and took them in the lift
I shook my fists and banged on the door “Those are not a gift”
The receptionist greeted us with a rather unpleasent smirk
Said I “Pack that in you rascal that technique will not work”
“Now I require a double room but with two seperate beds”
“One for me and one for my blasted husband Fred”
Fred scowled at me “‘Tis our anniversary dear”
“I propose we share a bed for the first time in three years”
I picked up my zimoframe and jabbed him in the groin”
“I can’t be sharing with you Fred you’re far too annoying”
The receptionist gawped in horror and handed us the keys
I examined them with my eyeglass and stated “What are these?”
“They are far too dusty they certainly need a clean”
“Get on and polish them then or are you in a dream”
I turned to the porter “Escort me to my room”
“Wait a moment madam i’ll take you there soon”
“Take me now you foolish man don’t allow me to wait”
“I want to see my bedroom i bet it’s in a horrific state”
He led us to the room and my prediction was correct
I scowled at the furnishings it was far from perfect
The first thing i did was to sniff the bed
It was unsuitable for me and even for Fred
Out of the window there lay a ghastley sight
I’d specifically ordered a sea view this was impolite
I glanced into the bathroom and to my horror and disgrace
I noticed that the towels were not in their correct place
Everybody knows towels should be labeled with names
I was sick of this appauling hotel and its silly games
I poked Fred in the stomach “Why did you bring me here?”
“You always ruin our anniversary every single year!”

by Jessica Burton




Do you hear what I hear?

It is the sound of the common sparrow,

It can be heard the world,

Through fields of sweet corn, cauliflower and marrow.



Do you see what I see?

It is the striking feathers of the proud male peacock,

Preening himself upon a sacred rock.



Do you smell what I smell?

It is the scent of the buddleia flower,

Attracting red admirals with all its power.



Do you taste what I taste?

It is the sweet stem of the evening clover,

Which is found in the fields the whole year over.



Do you feel what I feel?

It is the soft fleece of an infant lamb standing for the very first time.

Come on little fellow if I can do it you can!


Now I must go and meditate upon the dew drenched wheat,

Along with the millipedes, that crawl across my feet.

I think about nature and all the joy it brings,

And how one can use their senses to experience these things.


by Jessica Burton

Ballad of the rain – Promote Yourself


I woke up alone; the only sound was the ticking of the raindrops hitting the nearest window
I had numerous dreams about you; why couldn’t I see your face?
There was no hand to hold; there was no shoulder to lie on; there were no kiss to blow
I was alone; I was always all alone; in the crowd I was just a face

I turned the DVD player on; “Monalisa” was playing in the background
I took a seat, and stared at the ACLS manual books spread all over the room
I opened the door; I could smell the scent of the rain and the wet ground
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and I suddenly felt like home

I played with the raindrops; I befriended the cold; I listened to the melodic ticking
The hell with the damp clothes; with you, I would dance in the storm
Hidden in the rain, so many unspoken words; unshed tears; untold feelings
I tried to recall the sound of your voice in my scattered mind, trying to be a little warm

We’re worlds apart, but rain is always the same; is it also raining in your place now?
I let you slipped through my fingers; wait – were you even there, hmm?
And as I was standing there, in the middle of a heavy rain and the hard wind blew
The hell with the broken past; I suddenly felt like home

I let the rain muffle all the unspoken words I never dared to yell
I let the rain hide all the unshed tears I was never able to wipe
I let the rain wash all the untold feelings I could never be able to tell
I shouldn’t have fallen for you; you weren’t even my type

Am I imagining things, or are you smiling while reading this?
There were no memories to remember; we never made any, did we?
Then the cold breeze blew; I closed my eyes and felt a pure bliss
I shivered; and I suddenly felt like home.

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