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Daily Archives: July 30, 2014

Lost and Found – Promote Yourself

lost and found







She liked the touch of cold rain
On her pale, hot skin,
She liked the smells of coffee beans
And freshly quashed candle flames

She had culture, the best cult interests,
She drank milk from A Clockwork Orange
And feared the future of 2001,
I sometimes saw her as Mia Wallace

It seemed to me that synthpop,
Rap and alternative rock rushed through her veins
With sad pangs of Amy Winehouse
As she read Sylvia Plath

I would plunge into that darkness
To stumble into love,
Whatever love that is

It just seemed she had something
That no one else had,
That she knew something
Nobody else could understand

I would imagine being with her
In the dreams she beamed,
Becoming mine

Of messy bedrooms and big TVs,
Crackling vinyl and eighties movies,
Creating and reciting poetry
And nothing else would matter

Bass lines would make us shake
As we became lost in dark eyes
And bad dancing
Lost in her, lost in me
But I came to hate her,
She was too far from me,
The profound became meaningless,
To leave my eyes only craving
At her dark hair and eyes and body
In awe.

My name’s  Dylan, I’m eighteen and I’m from Ireland. I’m starting university in September and aspire to be a professional writer.
I post my poems on my blog;


Dylan P. O’Keeffe

Stagnation, the future of the cloned unknown. -Promote Yourself


I try to understand. 
These tainted thoughts
that threaten
To possess my broken, 
But I merely find…
Desire that awakens me,
that will one
fill me with such despair,
That I may,
No longer care.
I thought,
I had
tried so
Hard to keep
You at a far.
But I never did,
I never hid, 
I let you
In to explore,
I wanted more.
Choices, the undeniable
Evolutionary voices. 
It cannot be
To not make the decision ever,
Is an involuntary request
To the universe to
What has been given,
The offering of desire,
Of taste, of chaotic
Frenzied abandonment,
with the indecision
Of a caged mind, bound
By a soulless
Karen A Hayward.
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