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Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

Dream Words – Promote Yourself

Can I be dead?

Can I be dead with a beating heart

Because my mind is lost at sea

Missing in action I think it’s gone

Let me be dead and free

Can I be dead while I can still talk

The words I speak aren’t mine

I’ve become a worthless copy

I feel like I’m a crime

Can I be dead if I’m smiling 

Because my smile is fake

But there’s nothing underneath 

The icing of my cake

Trust me I’m dead to you

The individual has died

I’m not myself anymore

I have lived and I have lied


The Zookeeper’s Daughter – Promote Yourself


Come, leave penguin compressed
To allow no leisure. Come love, leave
The bears with mauling eyes and dripping
Jaws–all are idols of themselves,
Preserved in vaults of names.
The garden of the Brown-Shirted God

Is a four-cornered world mapped
In pitted sands and erased by slow,
Infinite creatures. Leave the self-
Digestion of dreams in the tiger’s cage,
The neurotic laugh of the monkey house,
The minds squeezed dry like sponges.
Few tears escape

From the One-Eyed Jack who hides
His myopic eye and tricks a bone
Weary muse to animate the pacing
And swaying. Hearts die, manned
By minds folded over themselves,
Clubbing their own reflections until
Love lies flush among
The spayed brains.

We ante only a name in this world,
Call with lives and raise with souls.
Our hands, blind hope and balls
Are all we have to track the odds.
Come away, please love,
Leave the safari in the zoo–the fix
Of your Father, and of His Son and
Their hell of ghosts. Our
Souls are

Caught between target and gun.
We are the death.
We are the hunter.
We are lead lodged
In the heaven of animal hearts,
Or players, full-faced.

M.T. Bass
To Judi K., The Zookeeper’s Daughter (

Hearing Me Cry – Promote Yourself


I felt trapped when I had only my pillow

to hear me cry and beg and scream to.

You unravel me in a gentle breeze by the sun

of my youth, to smooth away the scars

gained from a life of reckless loving.

I crease and fall and I’m weak, so small

to be smacked against life by life.

Below my crush depth – I cannot bear it, take it.

You find me, unfold me and give me your nook,

absorb my pain and take it away.

Breath into me, create me all and whole

Demystify my soul by the way you make me smile

You peel away the pain to bring your sun to

make me laugh  – and I laugh because you love me.


Cat Mercer

Twitter: @cat_mercer

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