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Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

The Wayside – Promote Yourself

full moon
I saw the moon full and bold
Walking early before it was light
A golden hue it threw off as
Clouds drifted by
I detected their dark against waning night
Was that a face, are you watching?
I couldn’t help but think
The man in the moon’s not a child’s tale
As he turned his head, looking around at me
Perception of the early hours, how interesting, so free
A straggler car to interrupt, but no traffic yet
Snow dotted here and there now gone
Landscaped in greens, sculpted rocks and trees
I look up again, is he watching me still?
But by our favorite witch-dramas we’ve seen
Orangey-autumn sky surrounding him
Lending a film of gold as the sky lightens
Has significance to those who can read it
I can’t recall, was it an omen, trouble coming?
There isn’t blood viscously
I’ll not worry at all
I look back once more as I walked on by
I thought “hello moon”, then “morning moon”
But for you what’s right, for me I’ve just risen
I should say good night
But the moon doesn’t sleep; it doesn’t care
What’s going on here for that matter where
That expression doesn’t change
Never shows the darkness, always keeps a glow
As phases begin, now waning in space
But the man, he smiled at me!
Well what do you know.
margaret prezioso-frye
By Maggie Murrone (aka Myas ( or if you’re into something a little more macabre there’s – Margaret Prezioso-Frye)
(I’m thinking of adopting Maggie Murrone as my pen name)
I’m a self-published author of two books, working on a third that I am constantly distracted from by my blogs, flash fiction, short stories and poetry I write.
 I’m also a TEFL instructor, have lived in a few other countries besides the US, substitute teach at the local school district, and have had the joy to act as the granny-nanny for my grandson since he was 3-months old. I love walking, cooking, reading, traveling, teaching, learning, language, movies, vampires, mummies, zombies , other assorted creatures of the night, science fiction, romance, action, adventure, classics, Latin, Bushmills 21-Year Old, Cabernet Sauvignon, Soave, Chianti, D’Abruzzo, Ouzo, Sambuca, Bulleit Bourbon, Plato, the ocean and tanning.

Things Never Said – Promote Yourself

You are one of my
More unusual friends
See what happens
Things never said
A rip
A tear
In the fabric of time
Of mine and thine
Ignore the cut
Who will mend it
Partly hole
Or a stitch in time
Darn it
Patch it
Ignore it
Never the same
Or similar
Or stronger
But frayed
Or is it time to go
With the rip
The hardest cut of all?
cheryl bhagwandin


Who are you to answer the call? – Promote Yourself


As I looked at the world,

With hard, skeptical eyes,

I thought of all the horrors

And of all the lies

I pondered as I watched

The crimes unfold

Do not be foolish enough to think

That nothing remains untold

Do you not see?

The foulness on the outside

A mirror reflecting

The humanity that died

Do not weep at

The scenes of malice

For weeping is a skill

That offers no solace

Gaze, then, upon the truth,

And bask in disgust as you see

What man has made of man

And what they’ve done in the name of He

God forgive them for they

Have taken your name in vain

It is not He that orders bloodshed

It is not He that allows pain

I grieve for humanity’s loss

For the emptiness that ensued

When man claimed that power

Had no consequences to be rued

Perhaps it’s the saddest yet,

That they do not comprehend

The corruption implanted

In their veins from end to end

I look, and I can see

The abomination that is the heart

Is it not man’s fault,

For permitting such horrors to start?

The very soul of humans,

Has ceased to exist

Venality spreads like a plague

And no one seems to resist

Try to think happy thoughts, you say

Try not to think about it at all

Who are you to make a difference?

Who are you to answer the call?

Sit there and do nothing, then

And dream hard, dream all you can

Perhaps you can ignore,

What man has made of man

But I cannot forgive,

Nor can I forget,

The horrors I’ve seen

Of man’s lack of regret

Is it not for His mercy

That the world still stands?

Or is it our punishment to suffer

By life’s cruel hands?

And is it not sadder, still

To see the extent of man’s ignorance

An eternity of vulgarity

That breeds everlasting arrogance

Yet you hold your head up high, man

And tell your child of your power

Tell him of your stories of murder

Of how others under you would cower

And take pride in all that you do

And claim that you are right

While they writhe in agony

Because your “pride” forced you to fight

Smile at your child

With the same mouth you used

To shout at another’s children

As you left them tattered and bruised

But do not worry, you say, you lie

We are the chosen ones”,

Whisper that to them

As the “enemy” stares into your guns

And you do not try to justify

The crimes you have done

For who needs justification

When you are the chosen one?

Thus, for humanity I weep not

It was lost long ago

I weep instead for God’s mercy

Only He truly knows my woe

My ears have become attuned

To the articulate harmony

Of the sound of gunshot

And man’s revolting tyranny

Lie to me again, man

And tell me that there is still hope

Humanity will always pull through

You just need to offer it a rope’

Don’t you dare try to feed me

What you have fed everyone

I will not give you the pleasure

Of thinking that you have won

So I look at the world again and think

Although this may be His plan,

Have I not reason to lament

What man has made of man?”

Sara Sulaiman

. TO MY SOLDIER….. – Promote Yourself

Oh my soldier i know….;
before i married you…
never did you stoop so low;
as to keep me in the dark…
about the nature of the trade ;
you had chosen to embark…
And oh my soldier i know…
you let me know you desired;
not an ornamental wife…
but one who wouldn’t get tired;
of your life of struggle and strife ….
You assured me ,
you weren’t looking for;
a vermillion smeared head …
or hands that served tea ;
early morning in your bed…..
But you did,for sure,inform me,
whom you were looking for…
a brave yet simple lady ;
who could ‘weather any storm’ …. soldier I know ;
you said ,life isn’t going to be a soft bed of roses…
on which to lie and doze;
it will have its share of hardships…
seperation from spouse or long distant trips !!!
 Now that I am wedded to you ,my soldier;
and have entered this life…
I shall try even harder ;
and prove to be a good wife…
But my soldier, I wonder why ;
you hid from me ,the perks, of being a soldiers wife….
oh my soldier,I wonder why…
you didn’t tell me about the exciting social life..?? 
Perhaps you wanted me to ..
on my own discover;
the warm and tender evenings…
that we would spend together.
Though you warned me about the ‘seperation’…
you forgot  to tell me I think ;
of the excitement and jubiliation…
at every new meeting…
You forgot I think to mention ;
all the fun things we would do….
of the places we would travel ;
and the friends we would make too….
You also neglected to tell me;
the things i would learn….
about fashion and housekeeping ;
and the opportunities i will earn….
So,my soldier you know…
it is not a bad bargain,afterall ;
While i get ,so much more to learn…
and give so little in return.

Hoardings – Promote Yourself

Off with the old
On with the new
M&S can apparently
Be half a Honda
Mountains and valley strips
Of spectacles
Inter-twine with drink responsibly
Arrow on target
A case of glasses
Half full and empty
Have your cake and eat it
Living for less
Rose tinted
Throwaway society
Curls of paper
Environment friendly
Blow where they will.
cheryl bhagwandin


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