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Daily Archives: August 10, 2014

Eternal Love – Promote Yourself


Life without you, is like a body without a soul,
My mind works, but is in your control.
Seeing you,the world around me comes to cease,
Being with you, I feel complete and I find my real inner peace.
I feel possessed and can do anything to see you happy,
Just being held by you, I feel secured and bliss.
Time will fly and my passion for love will keep on growing,
It will continue, till the day you don’t stop  your love and care sowing.

Touched – Promote Yourself


All I need is to be touched,
To feel some skin on skin
Because psychologists say that humans need
At least ten significant touches a day
To be healthy.

Or do I need to be touched
Because it’s been a week
And the Santa Ana winds are picking up,
Whispering in my ear
That I am alone?
And utterly so.

Do I have to be touched
Because I can’t remember
The last time my daddy told me that I was pretty?
I don’t know if he ever told me that I was pretty.
And if you touched me you might replace
All those birthdays he missed,
The trophies and awards
And my college graduation
Where all I wanted was for him to appear,
Somehow like a ghost,
And tell me that my hair looked lovely when I wore it up.

I have to be touched
Because if not,
I will sink like an anchor into the ocean
The way my insides felt the last time
I stood there in the driveway,
Clinging to his pants just before he drove away,
As if it were the last time I would touch someone

-Poem by Natalie Lima

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Inside – Promote Yourself


So many people around and no one to tell

The intense battle  going on in my head

Im trying to figure how to do this

How to think about the fact you betrayed me

I dont understand how you could do it

I keep back the tears and choked down the fear


I want to get angry and scream and shout

Too many people and no one knows

How can i not cry when i realize that it is certain

You dont consider me or anyone but yourself

I wanna call you and ass and say so many swear words you’ve never heard before

I shut my mouth and smile at you and hope you dont see that i know


You smile and you laugh like you’ve done nothing wrong

I might have believed that i was in the wrong if i wasnt shown proof

I wonder if you even thought about me once

When you were committing this act I got my answer

when the exact same moment you smiled at me

I’m so scared to ask you or even tell you i know

I dont know who to ask to help me figure it out

So many people all of them judges

Judges that dont see my pain and dont see that you’re not ashamed 

 by Sakina Brown

This is one poem from my book of poems called Words from a Bounded Heart, The book is posted on my wattpad account, this is the link:

I also have a blog with poems the link is:

So how are you? – Promote Yourself

So how are you really?
I tiptoe gently
But I so want you
To be okay

Shall I just ask
Or is that for
Face to face?

Shall I just text
Or message
Or email
Or snail mail

Or write a poem?

Do you know
That I am desperate
To know that
You are okay

Or if not
That you are
On it

Please don’t go away
Please stay
Please talk to me
And say

Even if you’re not

Cheryl Bhagwandin

The Mirror – Promote Yourself

fair lady

Finally the fair lady
Stepped up to the mirror
After a grueling make up session
To avoid the natural horror
The traditional line outburst
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
(the same one from the “snow white tale”)
Who is the fairest of them all
The mirror, a coward
Afraid of being thrown out
Did his pretense well
Of flaunting the beauty beyond doubt
The sweet song of praise
Were like music to the lady’s ears
The endless description of her beauty
Were like medicine to the mirror’s fears
And so the session of admiration
Went on for years
Much to the delight of the fair lady
And to the disgust of ones near
Till one day it so happened
The mirror got a crack
An outcome of the dresser’s plight
For which the fair lady gave her a sack
The broken glass of reflection
No longer fit the lady’s match
His melodious beauty songs
No longer the fair lady’s attention catch
The broken and despaired one
Who knew his days were numbered
Waited for the de day
When fate would have him surrendered
Daily with the fair lady’s arrival
Prayers were being recited at double pace
The total dictionary of beauty was narrated
Yet no change on the fair lady’s face
The de day came
With sharp instruments piercing through
The mirror was cut and chiseled
Till it became shining new
The mirror’s devotion paid off
It now dazzled with beauty
But now, a hand mirror
It was now owned by Little Miss Fair Lady
And so the little one
Carrying the heritage of the fair lady’s blood
Continued on the tradition
Of the make-up and admiration flood
With the relieved mirror
Still in her possession
Ladies anticipate for it to break
To get a piece of the glittering passion
written by
Nita Varma

Asimina – Promote Yourself

When we met she told me I’m her first American friend
Historic for both of us on a March day 2010
Personable she is with such promise
An Engineering student competing
Building robots with her team
She was so much younger than I but no matter
Ageless we enjoyed the town
She’d been here before
A favorite student place to go I was told
Proudly she showed me
All the best places to be and enjoy during my stay
A star representing her home country
Everyone around the world should be this way
Differences between us would dissipate
Later she left for her connecting train
But we keep in touch even till this very day
I’m sitting at a bistro now like other Europeans
(A real part of them I am, through nationalities comprising me)
Next to flower boxes, yes flower boxes, looking across the street
Oops, I don’t mean flower boxes looking but me; I’m doing the looking
At the sea
Hmm, time out
There’s a better way to put that I don’t doubt.
Maybe later I’ll figure it all out and edit this piece with my audience unawares except I told you.
What fun I’m having with blogging to share.
Where was I?
On this street cars fly by
Lending a contradiction to peace I can’t help but feel
Just beyond assorted boats dot the surface, making specs
Like the border of the sky
Is that a battleship there, right there, look, straight ahead?
You see it?
Interesting thought occurs that this place knows
So much more than me in fact
Everywhere but my country is prepared for anything
From venerable experience rooted it would be
We are the youngest you see
Spoiled from those gifts the oldest bestow
Parents know but so should we
Ah, what I wanted to say
Back to the landscape over this way
A few days later back at my favorite café
It’s my turn to spend the moments before I board the train
To marvel one last time
At the unique scenery I will leave behind
Macedonian churches in the middle of buildings
Seeming out of place, but they were there first
Built long before these apartments existed
Before there were a trace, and now
New buildings look dilapidated some seem too tall
Together they make an eccentric horizon
As if the streets were tops of an elongated desk
As if the churches were massive paperweights
Anchoring the buildings down, unmovable, strong
Keeping leafs from flying, held in place, tethered against any storm
Such a vision historic and for future time
Throughout my life will never leave my mind
By Maggie Murrone (aka Myas: or if you’re into something a little more macabre:
I’m a self-published author of two books and working on a third that I am constantly distracted from by my blogs, flash fiction, short stories and poetry I write.
margaret prezioso-frye
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