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Daily Archives: August 12, 2014

“All at Once” – Promote Yourself


At once
Too swift, too sluggish
The river pulls you in

Bubbles rising
Swirling, grinding
Protection wearing thin

Just when
Dependence is required
The waters become rough

Just when
You need to move hastily
It’s not flowing enough

The river runs in circles
Pilfering your air

The river runs through you
Pounding, pressing

It ticks and tocks
Alarms and clocks
A birth, a life, at best

Cycles spinning
No one winning
No one ever rests

When not watched
The numbers roll
The hands, they spiral down

The river slams you
Into the rocks
And you begin to drown

The water rises
Chest, then neck,
It slithers down your nose

It hopes that you
Enjoyed the ride…
And now it’s time to go

 I recently started a creative writing blog where I post a lot of my poetry and plan to add other categories 
My country of origin is the United States. St. Louis MO to be exact. My poetry covers topics such as nature, thought, civilization and the human condition, love, loss, parenthood, art and anxiety. 
Shawn Worth

An Illusion – Promote Yourself


Take a deep breath,

and hold

Feel your lungs fill with air

Feel them fill with the untold

Listen to your tissues as they tear

Keep holding it in, don’t let go

You will stop feeling it

That soft caress that would flow

On your skin, your every bit

Your senses begin to dull

And your arteries clot

The brain in your very skull

To its core starts to rot

The tenderness you once knew

With every membrane of your being

Is dimensions away from you

It’s not something you’ll be seeing

You are imprisoned by four walls

Of detachment and insensitivity

No one will answer your calls

No one is aware of your captivity

And how would they know

When your body is your own prison

You enclose within yourself, incessant, slow

The level of melancholy has only risen

You are a creature that

Never knew love or devotion

You were surrounded by those who spat

On the very notion of emotion

You are but a seed birthed

Not by love, but the illusion of it

There are no secrets to be unearthed

About the abomination, you must admit

So, try to feel the soft tickle

Of the illusion you still live

Try to ignore how life is fickle

And how you have no love to give

It is not your fault, after all

That you were deceived

You were so innocent, so small

When the illusion was weaved

Remember, then, to hold

And as though on queue

Let it go, let it unfold

Because no one will be missing you

Sara Sulaiman

I am in everything

I am all wisdom and truth,

I am love and light,

I am everything that is good,

Everything that is right,



I am the divine power,

The energy and the drive,

I am the divine spark,

That keeps the material alive.


I am in the wind,

I am in the rain,

I am in the fields,

I am in the grain.


I am in the smile,

Of a small infant child,

In the perfect flower,

Growing out in the wild.


I am in you all,

For I have lit your flame,

I will fuel your fire,

I will ease your pain.


I cannot solve all your problems,

You have to make that choice,

I promise to stand by you,

The moment I hear your voice.


For you cannot be where I am not,

For I am you, and you are me,

I will open your mind and spirit,

To enable your spirit to see.


Malcolm G Bradshaw  

Traiku (because there are three) – Promote Yourself

I wish one day that
You could stop and see yourself
The way I see you.
Not worthless, broken
Unlovable, but only
The wonder you are.
Because if you could
You would never hurt again
This I promise you.

Matthew Hodges, 17, England

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