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Bulwell is the place where I was born,
It was a place I thought I would always want to be,
But in recent years there have been so many changes,
It now has no attraction at all for me.
In my childhood it was a very happy place,
Many of the folk were poor, but they still had their pride,
The folk were polite, friendly and well mannered,
And many had other qualities beside.
In many ways it was the best part of the city,
Although people in other parts did not think it so,
But then they had not had the Bulwell experience,
So it really was impossible for them to know.
Its transport system was better than it is today,
The trolley buses ran every three minutes into town,
There were three railway systems to choose from,
This was a service that never let anybody down.
Main Street was the business centre of the town
The shops could provide everything that was required,
Most of the shops were owned by local families,
They went to great lengths to get what their customers desired.
Nowadays, most of the shops are owned by large companies,
Profit margins decide what they will supply,
They are not concerned with customer satisfaction,
Their main aim is to keep their profits high.
Many of the menfolk worked in heavy industry,
In the quarries, the mines and the tannery,
Some others worked at Boots, Players or Raleigh,
At the Basford gas works or Shipstone’s brewery.
Shonky pit was at the top of Quarry Road,
Which is known as Commercial Road today,
It produced some of the finest coal in the land,
The men worked hard for very little pay.
McCarthys, Wilkinsons and Culleys owned the quarries,
The men worked hard digging Bulwell stone,
Buildings constructed of it would last a thousand years,
For it had qualities for which it was well known.
Bulwell was a busy place for commerce,
There were five textile companies based on the River Leen,
Four of these factories have vanished,
Supermarkets and shops on their sites can now been seen.
Ice cream from Suttons, Cheethams or Fred Bales,
Fresh bread from Woolley’s or Hardy’s bakery,
Steggles pork pie and Redfems lemonade,
These and many others have been consigned to history.
Bulwell had a strong non-conformist tradition,
With ten chapels presenting a different point of view,
People flocked to Sunday School Anniversaries,
This was all part of the Bulwell I once knew.
Many old Bulwellians have either gone or passed away,
There has been an influx of people from other places,
I don’t think they are happy living here,
A conclusion I have reached by looking at their faces.
If we look around what do we see today,
People seem to be rushing here and there,
Very few of them seem to have any direction,
And not many of them seem to really care.
The spirit of Old Bulwell has been destroyed,
It is no longer a happy, tight knit community,
People no longer appear to be polite or friendly,
Is there any wonder I long for the Bulwell of my memory?
.Ron Martin


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