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Daily Archives: August 18, 2014

The Color of ME – promote Yourself


I am a conundrum of color

an aura scattered – patterns infused –

Tinting the simplicity of me.

Therein the mystery lies;

a vision, or an apparition that twists within the

boundless possibilities of me.

I am a continuum of shades that transform

And create, all the while

My hues tinge the compassion of me.

My color is love.

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved

Welcome to Silver Threading, my lifestyle blog.  A couple of years ago I went back to college and embraced online learning.  So much in fact, I decided that when I did not have to work anymore I was going to write a blog about the things I enjoy the most in life.  You know, the important things like reading, writing, gardening, crocheting old fashioned doilies into works of art, crafting, baking and drinking wine.

Thank you for the opportunity to become part of your community of poets and writers.  I attached the jpeg that I displayed with the poem.  Best Regards, Colleen Chesebro

Salix Babylonica – Promote Yourself

Willows flutter in an icy breeze—
Hop and light with seamless ease.
Green, toothed leaves wave goodbye.
Long, white veins—in trance—are spied.
Purity makes most seem a lie.

Stirred dirt hues break the gaze—
Deeply furrowed (where secrets stay).
Ridges grow out, then jaggedly stop
Like urges… mercifully lopped
From our hands: truth that hops

When passion plods too close.
Neither an eccentric alchemist’s dose
Or religious speak (pink-white knees
From devoted stasis) show these
Forceful energies like Nature’s trees.

Bare, pale skin incessantly bumps
Under strange thunder thumps…
And a chilled, Autumn wind. Aural
Melodies, with foliage and floral
Rustling, colors immense murals

Behind shut lids. Forlorn willow,
From distant China, shelters my pillow
Of cold, green grass. It gently veils
Yellow yearnings, as green twigs flail,
And life’s struggle swiftly derails.

Willows flutter in an icy breeze—
I relax and settle with seamless ease.

“Love will keep us together” – Promote Yourself


” The old man and his old wife,

Sitting on a  veranda  and reminiscing the whole journey of their life.

Holding each other’s hand tight,

Guffawing on every moment of their intense love and naughty fights.

Suddenly tears roll down her cheeks,

Kissing his hand and looking into his eyes, she speaks;

“I have been waiting for this idyllic moment for all these years,

When you were busy in doing your job and I, taking care of our family, for all those years.”

He kisses her rolling tears,

And whispers “I Love you” in her ear.

Listening to this, she smiles,

And “I Love you more”, she replies.

“Honey, but I have a question to ask,
 We took care of our only child,

 Now he has left us alone and is busy with his new life.

 When he needed us, we were there by   his side,

 Today when we need his support, 
he chose to keep us aside. “

 Seeing her worried, he  held her close,

 “Darling, stay happy and enjoy the remaining life. 

 Remember, Life is like a rolling wheel,

 The wheel will keep on turning round and round,

  It will never stop and stand still.

  Till the day I am alive, 

  You don’t need to worry, I am there for you,

  And you, for me, the precious treasure of my life.”

  She smiles and lay her head on his shoulder,

 “I trust you more than anyone my dear,

  Till the time we are together, I have no more fear.””

                 -HETA GALA

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