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Daily Archives: August 19, 2014

Nature’s Song – Promote Yourself

I waken you with rays of sun
I sing you to sleep with peaceful melodies
Rain tapping gently on your roof
Warmth of light like a mother’s love
Green blades of grass, softly caress your naked feet
My dark earth between your toes, cool and fleshy
Colors of blue, hazel, and red
Jade, coral, rusts, and the like
My splendor and glory nurture and deprive
For at once I may erupt in anger or rock you in the sweet by and by
Thunder, lightning, renew and regenerate
Sun, moon, stars, guide and give light and vitality
Life would but end should I cease to exist
For it is I who bring you peaceful animation and spirit
So be still and calm yourself for I am here to protect
Be ever respectful for I can also neglect

Kara Spain

Writer – Promote Yourself

Now he writes
Lathering papyrus canvasses with delicate ink
Expressing nothing but a gallery of words
For those who lend an eye, an ear and a mind
Those passing by and those who wish to return
The guilty bystanders
Here and there

He lavishes and emotes his ideal ejaculations from within
And oh that harlot and dear
With she he shares
For now she writes
they lay naked and nude
Laying waste to each page
Real and unreal
Sureal in hyperreality
In the unending intoxication that is the creative process

They are unshackled and bound and anew with boundless chains
That create more stains upon each line
Their stage is found
Never a block in mind and if it were to be a block it would no block at all

For if there were no lines and are unbound once more as they cross another boundary
All blocks are but a bit of blank slate for what is to come
For the harlot like a harbinger will leave her nest and soar
For truly she shall never be bound certainly in her utmost uncertainty
She’ll return his
And return to hers
For that is her nest
She’ll bring unrest to the restless
So in that deep sleep they may dream again.

Name: Ndabenhle ‘Siegfried’. S. Mthembu

Bio: I am an undergraduate student at the University of Pretoria. I am majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I have plans to do work in all art forms but without being a jack of all trades I am primarily a writer from poetry, novels, screenplays, short stories and various other forms. A Surreal Romanticist Absurdist Existentialist Meta-Artistry and Post Modernism.

Location: South Africa

I Teach



August smiles,

brilliant fall colours

give pastel accents

to carve a path home.


Aging, beauty

to present a state of mind

delightful, happy,

invigorates our energy.


For now

reflection is immediate

only a moment’s glance

suggests sweet shelter.


Doors will open

anticipation screams through

the distant halls

recalled, fresh, familiar.


new faces, elders,

mindsets triggered

by ‘best practices;’

a ‘carpe diem’ … pause.


The reality is

as maples, oaks, poplars


bold as our children.


We teachers delve,

avenues of knowledge,

not only selfish pride

yet, guidance with love.


Drop quiet in our eyes,

share stories, similar grasp,

capture our mood,

enhance our last …


As the autumn leaves, our time

moves forward; imagine new fires.


© Thom Amundsen

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