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Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

Drink again – Promote Yourself


Drink, again,

It’s in my hand.

Down my throat

And into my brain.


Drink, again,

It’s easier to eat.

Down my throat

And into the sink.


Drink, again.

To block out thoughts.

Don’t look at

The world that hurts.


Drink, again,

For something to do.

Let’s kill time,

I’ll get drunk with you.


Drink, again,

To forget I’m  sad.

See this smile?

It’s all I have.


Drink, again,

I can’t help but cry.

I know now

What I held inside.


Drink, again,

It has all gone.

Down my throat

Until the next one.

Danielle Montgomery

I am 23 from the UK and still very much trying to find myself. I enjoy writing – it’s actually more of a necessity for my own sanity than something I just like. Writing is everything to me and poetry gives me that release I need. I hope you enjoy my poem, and for more, please visit The Skinny Fat Girl  (

Dad – Promote Yourself


Thank you,
For being my dad.
You were there,
Through think and thin,
Good and bad.

You are,
My best friend.
You lend an ear.
I will be here for you,
Right to the end.

Thank you,
For all the fun,
Embarrassing Dad dancing,
Laughter and madness,
And loving mum.

Kate Godsall

My name is Katie Godsall (previously Earnshaw) I have recently got married. I work in London UK in the finance and mobile communications industry as a billing analyst. I have been writing poetry since I was young, I found writing poetry to be the best way for me to express my feelings and this year I started my blog… and I love it!

Thanks for reading! Check out my blog here –

Celestial Sails -Promote Yourself


Magical gate, before my eyes, of golden beams appears,
Lighting the path to my next destination, a distance covering years.

I stumble forward into a mystic haze, where time and space collapse,
A realm of intangible nothingness, with no compass and no maps.

Up is down, and left is right, yet directions don’t exist,
All around, homogeneous substance, a moving purple mist.

Should I walk, fly or swim, and which way should I go?
A familiar taste consoles my senses, telling me that I know.

With strength of mind I conjure forth a majestic vessel, my ship,
And take my place at its bow, for this cosmic travelling trip.

I steer my way through unseen perils, observing from the helm,
The awe-inspiring wonderment of this secret spiritual realm.

I float, I glide, I dance along a stream of iridescent rain,
A shimmering-prismatic pathway in this kaleidoscopic plane.

An eternity later, of shortest moments, the anchor is then thrown,
I disembark from my flying carpet, to explore my ethereal home.

Gracefully I make my way through a maze of dark branched grass,
Then run my hand over a motionless sand dune that I’m about to pass.

Then I reach a twin oasis, long palms upon their centres,
And ready myself for the soft rimmed cave that I’m about to enter.

Back, I look, at the soft terrain that has led me to this place,
And realise with a gasp of breath that it was my own face.

Down I fall into a dark abyss, with mountains of teeth that gleam,
And soon awaken with a shocking jolt from my journey to the land of dreams.

My name is Naziyah Mahmood, and I have recently started publishing my short stories and poetry on WordPress, and this opportunity is just what I need!
I am an Astrophysicist and Aerospace Engineer from Scotland, having worked on some missions for the European Space Agency, and my passion in life is martial arts and all things sugary!


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