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Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

MAGNA CARTA – Promote Yourself



When I saw Magna Carta

When I saw
Magna Carta
Hairs stood up
On the back of my neck


In bold
In capitals
The start of
What I take for
Or nearly take
For Granted

Changed mind
Changed view
Changed history

I gasped
And couldn’t find
Find how to grasp
To explain
The whole thing
The huge
Wide enormous
Overwhelming enormity

Of what amazing

in silence
And respect
Of that

Cheryl Bhagwandin

STAY CLOSE – Promote Yourself


The silence was engulfing, as the people rushed to euphoria-

The blindfold came off, and she saw the fire she was in.

But the sudden realisation as tears streamed down her rosé cheeks

Was one so clear even though her vision was dim

Her mind opened up in that hour of desperation-

She clung to the sheets on the side of the bed

Because the people had left, but she was still under the influence.

A hazy monster inside her head

And in that hour of need when she felt shaken

Suddenly a presence so close she stopped.

In that hour of need it was so blatant

A God existed, he had not forgot

He had not abandoned her even though she had Him

In fact He was there when she was in pain

And in that hour of need it was clear for her to see

What it means that He is closer to you than your jugular vein

By Aisha Khurshid A.

Hello my name’s Aisha, I’m from Kent, England. I am a student of law, but writing has always been my ultimate passion. I have always been hesitant sharing my writing with others, but this summer decided to make a blog and just go with the flow. Life’s all about experiences and sharing stories with one another right? 

Quintessence – Promote Yourself

Image courtesy: SurrealAberrant

Love is not so simple
Love makes you do crazy stuff
My love for you baby
Your love for me is different

To squeeze you and keep you in my pocket
To chuck life and fix you in my locket
Or to make you a diamond on my ring
Or simply my priceless teddy, prince

Your love is the sweetest type
Mine is the violent, right?
Of the sort of emotions you stir in me
You keep me in a whirlwind fix

With the sweetest romance
It turns into the dangerous road, slip, kill
My hatred seeping in you
Making your life a living mold

Those seemingly innocuous words of yours
Make me cringe and think of all messy floor
The ancient past and what not
Of being no love then, sheer stupidity

And then you sway me the other side
Of being away from you, I cry
Scared of taking you along with me
I hit my own abyss and dry

All in an hour the emotions fleeting
You move from edge of the frame to the centerpiece
But why does it still feel wrong
Even though I was left out on my own

And then you cast your usual jizzy-jazzy magic
In a quick entail, I forget all the shame
Seen through my fudgy prism
You become my quintessence

~Alka Ranjan (India)

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