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Daily Archives: September 1, 2014

STILL – Promote Yourself


bestir not you leaves
let not the carved teeth of wind
grind your wiry spines

watch out you seas
her mighty breath will slice
your frothing waves asunder

for she crouches, unmoving
patiently, she waits
in the haze of clouds

cradled in the bosom of darkness
while all is still and deathly silent
she gathers her forces

a fierce and mighty army
soon to roar through the hills and mountains
mounted on swift, white steeds

armed with vicious lances
to slay everything in its path
and she will not rest

until all genuflects
before the throne
of the hurricane

© Shery Alexander Heinis

My name is Shery Alexander Heinis

 I’ve decided to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to share my work with a wider audience.  I live in Canada, but I’m originally from the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Expectation Woes: – Promote Yourself


Being a  human, We get attracted to  or close to some or other human,

As we get close to someone, we start loving that human,

As we start loving that human , a relation between us is built up,

Some relations are created by the Divine God like a Mother

Child, Father-child, brother-sister,

Some relations are made by us like friends and love,

When a relation exists, expectation emerges,

Expectation emerges, hope of fulfillment arises,

Unfulfillment of expectation leaves us offended,

Disappointment arises and frustration sets in,

As frustration sets in, it gives way to negative thoughts,

Negative thoughts ruin our life and relationship with that human,

Not only relation gets affected, we end up hurting ourselves.

Expectation is a disease, which cannot be cured

And the only medicine is

Stop Expecting and start Accepting

The person who never expects is always happy,

The person who always expects , ends up hurting himself,

But the expectation arises automatically with our near and dear ones ,

So do keep expectations with some limitations

Limit your expectations and see the change,

We will not be completely happy but will be less dishearten.

Remember one thing, We humans are not the same,

So your expectations could be others assumptions .

So Expect less and accept more.

Stop hurting yourself by expecting from others,

And stop fulfilling others expectation who never lived up to your expectation.

Like I always said ,


“We have keys to the locked doors of our 
Stop counting on others for your happiness.
Never expect anything from another person,
In the end it will be you who will be hurt, not the opposite person!
A key to the happiness lies within ourselves,
So expect only from ourselves.
Though we may fail at times but at least

We won’t blame others for our unhappiness.” 
Happiness arrives from what we do ,
It arrives from good deeds done by you 
Always live in the present, forget the past,
Learn the art to forgive, for happiness lies in it  
Be happy and let others be happy  

Old Boxes – Promote Yourself

The lid was crushed
just like the box
that had held my dolly
that Christmas.
The one
you know
Rudolph stepped on.
The lid was crushed
but everything inside
was still safe.
Even some parts of
some long ago me
the lid was crushed.

Open my world – Promote Yourself


Early morning sunshine creeps up to greet.

Falls across the pillow, ready to defeat.

Open my world to reality

Show me what took forever to get.

It was destiny, before we even met.


Eyes gaze at a sleeping love.

Wings, protecting what is his, like a dove.

Open my world to our children.

So it was decided before time,

That Batman should be mine 

  -Ansie Ehrke



I am a mother of two beautiful kids, a wife to a amazing husband and a passionate writer. Writing has been my passion since I learnt how to put a pen to a piece of paper! I am from a small town in South Africa. I would love to become a freelance writer and am working my fingers to the bone on my blog to get people to notice my work. One day I would like to have a book with my name on the front page, gazing out at me from a bookstore window!

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