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Daily Archives: September 2, 2014

NOT A CLUE – Promote Yourself


Dumped in a heap and lost all its gumption

Frail and disturbed without nothing to munch on

Climbed round the bend which discovered a truncheon

Tried to use it on begs for something to lunch on

Greeted not well so nose got a punch on

Escaped on a train what needed a jump on

Travelled a way away till the sky was a-shrunken

Found whiskey sour which got quite well drunken

Dreamed big creatures grey with long curly trunks on

Followed the noise what found sandy carpet to bunk on

Waves soothed the ears and gave it a nudge home

Sailed peaceful tunes and forgot all the functions


Carly Short
Here is a nonsensical poem I wrote called ‘Not a clue’


Stonehenge – Promote Yourself


Not the same
As Magna Carta
I thought it would be.

I took my time

The cold grey sky
Took a photo

And then
Against the grey sky
It stood out

A marvel
Of what humankind
In marvelling awe
Of  what nature
Can do.

Cheryl Bhagwandin

If I had a doll house

Lovely poem

Two on a Rant

HomeOKC My daughter’s home 2014

If I had a doll house

it might look like this,

with trees all around it

and mountains in mist.

I’d open the top up

to place deep inside

2 dogs and a kitty

a man and his bride.

The only thing missing

a girl and a boy,

I’d place in their bedrooms,

then throw in some joy.

But I needn’t worry

for this house is built

wrapped up in their love

like a comforting quilt.

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Snowballs of Love

Love this!

Words Speak, I Write


Snowballs of love
Sailing through skies
Pulling me near once a while
Scatter, combine and then just split.

Every once a while
I see some scenic prints
By the artist above that knows
Luring me in conundrums of bliss.


Illegitimate liaisons we share
Say the people who see my chase
When there is nothing remarkable in sight
I see it still, for lies awakened , forlorn lover in me.

Running behind, I capture
The white essence spilled on the blues
I fail to understand the malleability in store
For in a second, a new story unfolds.


I love the evenings, when they mix around
With the sun, that so dearly, they often hide
Hints of hues, peek through, and I smile
Sunsets, were never, just so breathtaking.

Some days, they show me, their dangerous side
Blackened, in anger, they engulf the whites,
Mixing with sparks of light, they spread all…

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~ HELPING HANDS ~ Promote Yourself

   With helping hands is what we offer, we give to you an no other, we hope and trust we will share, we give to you with gentle care.                                                  –      With these words we give to you, we humble our selves to those few.                  We move forward in life we take, hope and dreams with no mistake.                        Now our lifes is complete, don’t you think that’s so neat.                                              Helping hands is what we had, don’t you think that’s so sad.                                        [ Patricia bourne 2014 wordpress ] 
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