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Daily Archives: September 3, 2014

In the building – Promote Yourself

In this building lives
a strict old man
guided by the book
he makes his life plan
In this building lives
a thick old book
penned with experience
if one cares to look
It’s not a question,
of which book is right,
but with windows closed,
there is no light.
In this building lives
another very famous speaker
his romance with battle
charge even the meeker
In this building lives
a soldier yet unsettled
he has many stories
that can leave you troubled
strange it may sound,
but these people don’t talk;
soldier lives on ground,
and speaker on top.
In the building lives,
temple of the famous deity
a map for other worlds,
a benchmark of ecstasy
In the building lives
one everyone calls aunty
tiff-in for kitchen disabled,
cheap flavour of simplicity
Passing through the ally,
the incense smells nice,
but to try heaven,
I follow the spice.
In this building lives
people with short memory
now different tenants
once a common family
In this building lives
filth with many names
borne by ignorance
they all smell the same
Oh! you stupid caretaker,
don’t know what fences are about.
They are not to stop people,
but to keep the garbage out.
yatharth khobragade


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