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Daily Archives: September 4, 2014

Back To School? – Promote Yourself


 I could not wait to get out of school.

Didn’t  care if I was a scholar or a fool.

Life can definitely some mind games play.

I applied to be a substitute teacher today.

What if I get a kid that reminds me of me?

Will I be able to inspire him/her above a C?

At least these times are much more kind.

I won’t be breaking paddles over his/her behind.

My school never thought at much I’d rate.

I only made my teachers and principal irate.

They want to sweep me out like trash with a broom.

Soon I may stand as a teacher in a classroom.

Forty years after I left town with great glee

What would they think if now they could see

The kid they wanted to see in reform school

Standing as a teacher and back in school?

I don’t know what kind of poetry you are desiring, but here is a taste of what I do.
Ron Shultz




Thank you Father for Nature,

For supplying the food we eat,

For the many wonderful fruits,

That are tasty and so sweet.


Thank you for the vegetables,

That helps the body to survive,

That nourishes our very being,

To keep us all alive.


Thank you for the conditions,

The wind, the rain and storm,

Thank you for the sunshine,

That ripens the fields of corn.


Bless all the harvest,

Those graces our table fare,

Abundance of glorious food,

A feast for all to share.

So as we celebrate Harvest Festival,

Let us think of those in need,

Send your thoughts out to the starving,

That all of them may feed.


Help us share your treasure,

To those that are starving today,

Give them strength and nourishment,

To soothe their pains away.


If through your love and understanding,

We conquer famine decay and despair,

Then Father we have learnt our lesson,

For through you we have learnt to share.


Malcolm G Bradshaw  



Love Blooms♡ : – Promote Yourself


Romance on the top of the hill,under the blanket of dark cloud.
With no one around except the blowing wind sound.
Two souls hug and seal their lips with a passionate kiss,
Their hands clenched tight and their eyes meet under the moon, the only light.
This bond of affection and care, is  called LOVE, a feeling which is very rare.
Heta Gala

Playing With Frost’s Wall



The wall is crumbling down the way again.

You don’t say, you think you want to start today?


I think you might go take a look for me.

Well I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility.


I don’t expect you are too concerned about

a few rocks that have dropped into your yard,


for those trees will grow with walking paths.

Get dressed we’ll take a look, you’ll see


the same rocks we glance every year.

Seems exercise is a welcome tool to have,


we’re getting older now; the two of us are

not the spry young fellows we once could be.


Do you remember when you could shoulder me?

We walked the fence, rock over rock and moss,


we didn’t seem too careful then, you and me.

I do remember falling once or twice I think


and you would pick me up to start again.

We’d laugh a postured stance in victory,


that began a time when always we’d return.

Seems many years ago to imagine that time,


when now we walk along the wall. The rocks

and leaves and fallen wood still look the same.


© Thom Amundsen 2014

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