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Daily Archives: September 6, 2014

The Mothers Mutiny – Promote Yourself


Autumn leaves

A silent breeze

A twig cracks

Nature slacks

Orange and brown

All around

Water twinkles

Leaving wrinkles

Rocks stare

Most everywhere

The clock winds

Pausing time

Captive country

Awaiting mutiny

Dying leaves

Forgiving trees

The time has come

Fall has won

LaVancia Phoenix

November 1993

Mirrors – Promote Yourself


Taking in
Reflecting back
Exactly what we show
The bare face
The made up face
The streaked
The hung over
The done in and tired out face
The let’s pretend
Giggly sexy
Happy content
The avoid the eyes
The let’s pretend
The stare
Looking there
Into pools
Grey blue
Pinpointing black
Reflecting back
Taking in


Cheryl Bhagwandin

Home is where the heart is – Promote Yourself

Your eyes have stoned,
The tears have run out,
In the endless wait
To return home…
You are lucky
You have a dream
That you’ve visualised…
Those brooks of fresh water,
The apple orchards..I, a cultural destitute
Don’t know what heaven on earth is,
It is a mere chapter in my history book,
Or a family holiday that is being planned for years…

These four walls,
Manic, busy schedules
A place I call home
It suffocates me

There is pain
That seethes within
Who am I?
Where is home?

Lakshmi Kaul
Twitter  @kaullakshmi

Dance – Promote Yourself



How to write a poem,

Dance with words
Lyrical steps
In time and space
Flow and spin letting the words dance

Dance to the beat
Measure the steps
Find the words that span
meter and rhyme across the

Dance, dance
short steps
repeat the steps
find the movement and let it flow

Release the mind and see the image
Hold the world in a word
Spin your partner
and see the word

See the old prose
sitting on the bench
too large for its pants
stand and shed
reduce and free
and dance

Let your fingers dance across the keys
Don’t fear the music in your ears
Ignore the critic and just let the words
across the keys dance.

Move forward and back
and round and round
Take the idea in hand
and spin it round your back

Quiet now and listen
Hear the words whispered in the wind
listen and take up the word
and dance

Dance to your tune
Find the word the is the rhythm
Tap it out
build on the beat
Add a juxtaposition

Dance to the meter
and let the melody
rise and take its voice

Now sing
and the poem takes form

I hope this is one you can use.  I’ve been reading the poems you’ve been posting and there is a lot of great work on your site now. Keep it up.

Andrew Reynolds

I am an engineer by trade, a woodworker by desire and a poet by inclination.  My poems reflect my nature as a craftsman while trying to reach for a emotion, a meaning that often eludes even me.  I live and work in California and often hike the coastal hills looking for inspiration and rest from a busy world.  More of my poetic attempts are here on my personal blog:

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