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Daily Archives: September 8, 2014


When the two Mary’s went to the tomb on that first Easter morn,
They knew they had a problem they must solve that day,
They knew the tomb with a large stone had been sealed,
The problem was, “Who would help them roll the stone away?”
This is a problem which is not unique to them,
It is one which all of us must face,
For there are many stones in our life which need to be rolled away,
Stones which hinder every member of the human race.
The first stone to be rolled away is the stone of sin,
A tendency which all of us have inherited,
The desire we have that we should always please ourselves,
Which shows that our salvation has not been merited.
The second stone to be rolled away is the stone of unbelief,
When we have no faith in a future life in eternity,
The belief that we must get as much as we can from our life on earth,
Without accepting that a future life in eternity is a reality.
The third stone to be rolled away is the sin of pride,
The feeling that we are superior to those we know,
We may well be proud of our achievements,
But humility is the other facet we should show.
The fourth stone to be rolled is the sin of idolatry,
When we worship gods that have been made by man,
Things which might not be bad within themselves,
But not the God who was present when the world began.
The fifth stone to be rolled away is the sin of prejudice,
When we erected barriers between ourselves and some we meet,
Our conclusions are often reached before all the facts are known,
In other words we made our judgement before our knowledge is complete.
And there are many other stones which need to be rolled away,
If, from the tomb of misery we are to be freed,
For, if we would live a truly happy life,
We must live the kind of life that God decreed.
Ron Martin

When We Are Children

wind gif
When We Are Children

We can really dance forever,

streaming across golden grasslands

running wild with passion,

in crystal autumn winds.


We cannot imagine pain,

haven’t yet endured a moment

when our world is shattered,

much worse than skinned knees.


We can laugh out loud

sharing special setting suns

in the freedom of blue skies

jumping hurdles that allow.


We can walk along with hands

with open embrace, a love

that means just only that

without any need to wonder.


We will only live this life

in the simple manner we choose;

if holding back a grey cloud,

our shadowed eyes remain open.


We can speak to each other

not knowing any reason, why

we can’t – our obstacles are

far away, deep in the wood.


We can find our way then,

in continued dialogue

well beyond our teenage angst,

rather, delightful designs of love.


We can dance together

when we are children

welcome our wide open fields

share the wonder of life!


© Thom Amundsen 2014

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