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Daily Archives: September 11, 2014

“DEATH’S ANGEL” by William Winter – Your Favourite Poem


Come with a smile, when come thou must,
Evangelic of the world to be,
And touch and glorify this dust,-
This shuddering dust, that now is me,-
And from this prison set me free!

Long in those awful eyes I quail,
That gaze across the grim profound:
Upon that sea there is no sail,
Nor any light nor any sound
From the far shore that girds it round:

Only – two still and steady rays
That those twin orbs of doom o’ertop;
Only – a quiet, patient gaze
That drinks my being, drop by drop,
And bids the pulse of nature stop.

Come with a smile, auspicious friend,
To usher in the eternal day!
Of these weak terrors make an end,
And charm the paltry chains away
That bind me to this timorous clay!

And let me know my soul akin
To sunrise, and the winds of morn,
And every grandeur that has been
Since this all-glorious world was born,-
Nor longer droop in my own scorn.

Come, when the way grows dark and chill!
Come, when baffled mind is weak,
And in the heart that voice is still,
Which used in happier days to speak,
Or only whispers, sadly meek.

Come with a smile that dims the sun!
With pitying heart and gentle hand!
And waft me, from a work that’s done,
To peace,that waits on thy command,
In some mysterious better land.

From “The Poems Of William Winter”

A number of years ago I found a battered and worn little blue book of poetry at a book sale. I thumbed through it and several lines caught my eyes. It was only a dollar so I picked it up. It was by a poet named William Winter and the copyright was 1880. This poem has become my favourite. Emily


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In Remembrance – Promote Yourself

Winged coffins smashing to the ground
Buildings crumbling with horrific sound
Sacrifices made of body, blood, and bone
Stolen by crushing weight of steel and stone
On this day the towers fell
A surge of revenge did up swell
The loss of so many a life
Sundering of husband from wife
Of parents torn apart from child
Screams of pain deep and wild
All those Emergency Providers true
Died in service for me and you
Our nation’s flags at half mast
Funeral corteges marching past
Eleven years have now passed
Freshness of wounds has elapsed
But sorrow does still exist
Clenched tight like a fist
I pray for that glorious day of peace
When all violence shall finally cease.


For all of those touched by 09/11/01

I am a fifty-year old woman living in the beautiful Finger lakes Region of New York State. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and assorted crafts. i am the person of a cat.


A Cry For Help


Why did I feel nobody loves me?

Why did I feel no one cares?

Why couldn’t  I be normal?

When sitting on the stairs


For I heard a commotion down stairs

Why was my mother being abused?

I feel she has lost her dignity

I feel she was always being used


My father is always drinking

My mother can’t take any more

My father slaps and kicks her

Whilst she is lying on the floor


I lye in bed at night listening

That seems to happen every night

I cover my head with a pillow

The noise fills me with fright


This was going on for a few years

My mother could not take the strain

She plucked up courage to leave

Never to return again


Now our life is better,

And the abuse has come to an end

I know now I am loved

By my mother who is my best friend


My father I don’t see him

For he has no love for me

For his drinking has denied him

Of having a wonderful family



Malcolm G Bradshaw
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