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Daily Archives: September 12, 2014

Thanks For Harvest Festival


When God created this earth

It was a baron and foreboding place

He created the land and sea

His time he did not waste


He made the earth fertile

For he spread his seeds around

The rain nourished the seedling

As they grew from within the ground


God looked upon the earth and he was pleased

For his work had just begun

Creating the stars and moon

He then created the sun


The animals and insects roamed the land

And all creatures swam in the sea

Birds in al their glory filled the air

For without God they just would not be


So as we celebrate Harvest Festival

We thank all those who tilled the land

For their hard work and dedication

To bring a bounty that is so grand


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Songs Of Despair – Promote Yourself


In a black lace bra,
through the thick smoky bar.
She sings about love and lust,
on a warm spring dusk.
Her sad stories hidden behind the bass and snare.
Of loves and lost,
all blinded by the limelights glare.
With men of the quirky nature,
strewn in front of her on cheap wooden furniture.
Strange looks, hard drinks and smoky goodnight kisses.
As the moon sets and sun rises,
for her to pick up the broken pieces.
She’s lost.36
So she sings,
about what it feels like,
singing despair into a rusty bar mic.

Hi my name is Levin Balakrishnan , below is a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

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