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Daily Archives: September 13, 2014

“Raining Angels”: – Promote Yourself




The words we use can be very important
Often more important than any of our deeds
For although our actions can be very impressive
Sometimes it is words our family or country really needs
Think of the words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Whose speeches inspired England
during the Second World War?
At that time we needed a hope for the future
They made us realise we had something worth fighting for
Remember the words of the Admiral Viscount Nelson
As he led his fleet to fight the French upon the sea
That England expected that every man would do his duty
Their response to this call ensured our victory
The words of famous writers often come into our mind
We often use them to emphasise a point of view
They often reflect the writers view on morality
These words can be instructive to me and you
The miracles showed that Jesus had the power
But it is his words that have echoed down the years
To sustain believers in their darkest hours
And a help in allaying their doubts and fears
The final words spoken by Jesus are often quoted
When He promised to be with us to the end
Believers down the years have found comfort in these words
For they know that it is a promise on which they can depend
Ron Martin

Mirrors and Walls – Promote Yourself

If walls could talk
The stories they’d tell
If a mirror could talk
Would it tell?
Or reflect
Or show
Or present
Or give us
To reflect
To show
To present
To think

Not self absorbed
Sucking in
Taking on
Layers of paint
And paper
And plaster
And stripped down to
Start again

But reflecting back

What do we want
The truth
Or presentation?
Showing us
What we show

What do we want
The truth?

from fear?
Or merely

Cheryl Bhagwandin

Awakened – Promote Yourself


she tastes salt on her lips
and wonders if it is from the tears
in her eyes or the lathering waves

crashing upon eroding rocks
she gazes with white eyes
towards the blurring horizon

the sea has no branch
that’s what she’d been taught
and there was nothing to save

a drowning soul, nothing except
the lightening flash within
to awaken her from her slumber

as dusk comes to meet her
she catches her breath
begins fighting for her life

awake! awake! awake!

the wind stings like needles
and the thunder growls a warning
but her tears have dried

in lines like desiccated coconut
on the curved highway of her cheeks
she was awake
and it was time to return home.

  © Shery Alexander Heinis

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